I don't want to write a fake bio.

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  •  Nice, indeed, though empty... like after del fin del mundo..😕

    • Why empty? 

       What is the meaning of this "  del fin del mundo "? 

  • They're all the fake pictures !

    • Hi Adriano Martelli, 

      Who knows that you are not fake?

      Here many members are fake or don't share their complete correct information.

      I am telling the truth that I am fake and my profile name also "fake" so I am real indeed not fake. Don't you think I am brave enough because I am revealing the truth?

      People are 100% sure about me that I am fake but what about you like many others? people doubt you for sure, so reveal yourself.   


      • Nope , refusing !  I'm not fake , look at my avatar , do I look like to a  fake thing ? I'm genuinely natural . Grazie , have a good day .

    • Who makes them fake? Mr. Marteli

      • Hi Signor HAWK !  absolutely fake makes'em fake . I know his/her dad he was also as fake as fake . 

    • Lol...Adriano😂

This reply was deleted.