NEW YEAR's RESOLUTIONS from my point of view

Yes, it's a common theme in the beginning of every January. All of us tend to make new year's resolutions. Just because everybody wants to change his life, more or less. And maybe the ultimate new year's resolution should be to reach a harmony with your life and stop making new year's resolution at all, shouldn't it? 

But, in fact, every year everybody promise to himself stop or start doing something. And me is not an exception. I've fixed 4 goals for this year, not simple one. That's why if I bring into life only a half of these goals it won't be a failure. 

One of them is to improve my English to strongly-advanced level from intermediate which, I guess, is current level of my English. I appreciate your help and hope that your new year's resolution will be realized this year too.

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  • keep new year resolutions then;)

  • Nice topic , we hope too .

  • Great! This is the ultimate goal, isn't it? However, like Oprah says, January offers us the chance to try to get it right again! 

  • it is not good to  think that :  the beginning of new year is the beginning of new life but to make every new day beginning of new life


  • Great!

    This sentence "And me is not an exception." in your second paragraph can be improved. I hope you get it!

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