Hello my friends...

as the end of this year is almost around the corner and some of us analyze their achievements and failures... I just got an idea and I hope you will like it and enjoy it here with me :) 

Sooo.... Let's leave the comments here in this blog with the wishes we either expect from upcoming year or we would like to achieve... ehmmm..some call them resolutions but it doesn't have to be only about changing yourself, ok?

Wouldn't it be cool to check this blog in one year and compare, if our expectations or dreams came true or not?

I know many of you will start blablaing like: "Grrrr.. I dislike resolutions" or "Oh my, I hate being forced" etc. but I think sometimes it can be motivational to push yourself into something and challenge yourself in front of others - when it comes to resolutions BUT like I said it is also about your expectations, dreams etc...

So please... Could you share three points you would love to change, achieve or experience in 2018???

Thank you all in advance for participating and let's check this blog together at the end of the year 2018 ;)

Ooppsss and let me add HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR full of love, happiness and joy :) 

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  • I was failed in my 2018 "new year resolution" . She is happy with someone else now :)

  • wish to get married with the girl i do love the most 

  • I want to buy a suit in royal blue color.

    I want to buy a house.

    And I want to do something special for my mother. 

  • I am eagerly anticipating the turn of the calendar page from 2017 to 2018 that would make all things new in which it would trigger our optimism for making a wish or wishes for the 2 remaining days as this year closes out. So, without optimism you won't be able to make a single wish, even if you plan or put things on paper. Although, this year was, to me, a bit worse but all I am grateful for is my good health, welfare and not getting over the loss of the loved ones. In my case, the new year will relatively replenish the last year, in terms of getting away of the civilian life but the 9 remaining months won't be able to strike the lifetime that I have already lost in the previous year, as long as my beloved ones are always present to make my new year cheerful. 

    I wish that the opening gate of the new year will bring me freedom after 9 months of military service, a new sport camera for my upcoming hiking trails, a new job to start out my career, a new language to be learned, a new country to visit and explore, new tricks and things to be learned, a book to be written..etc These are a mere burden of wishes but what I would like most importantly to wish for the upcoming year are priceless assets like not experiencing a loss of a family or beloved ones, a fresh new start, to be healthy and successful in every sense, have a lot of laughter, to be able to tighten the friendship with the writer of this blog, to be wise and prudent in my choices, applying what I have learned from my mistakes of the last year. I just simply wish an unceasing hope to all of us. :) 

  • I hope I can still breathe 

  • As One said so many.... the one I wished is already became true, I wanted a job and I just got message I am going to start at a place from 3rd of Jan so.... one is already .... done I guess..

  • So many wishes... :) I will tell only one here.

    I want to be a certified translator in year of 2018, but maybe I'm still dreaming. :D

  • Hello Luci,. Long time not see. Three points I love to change are...

    1. I wish a day has 36 hours so I can finish my works in time. I know it's is impossible to expand the time, but I learned that the time slows down when our brain search for a way surviving the situation by comparing it to everything we know. so, why not? 

    2. A new smartphone with high spec to survive at least five years ahead. 

    3. Clarity for human kind's mind 

    There you go, Happy holiday!!!

  • Ah, I almost forgot to do that:D

    Thank you Lucinka! Happy New Year! Just in case if we will not see each other in this year anymore... Omg, how sad and sentimental it sounds...

  • Btw, Kembang... to lose 3 kg? What is your weight if it is not a secret?:)))

    About the exercises... I am doing the exercises every day. Sometimes it is dard to force myself to start... Because you know that feeling in the morning, when you have just woke up... But when I have started, it becomes interesting, cool and pleasant!

    I am not a coach, but if you have some simple questions, you can ask me:)

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