A lot of common diet mistakes may appear at first hand least dangerous. However, if committed repeatedly over time, these slip-ups may maneuver you further and further away from your target of weight loss!

To stay fit forever, stick to your diet. Follow the useful tips here:

 Always search for healthy snack ideas for you. Healthy and thoughtful taking of snack is good way to hold back your hunger. If you take something small, you can stay away from stuff yourself at dinner.  Taking a cup of yogurt or pieces of fruits is one of the healthy snacks.

Stop eating unplanned eating out with your friends. If you are not aware of some defensive steps to restrict calorie intake, it will affect your health.  Never indulge in desserts and appetizers. Rather opt fruits or vegetables. Consume part of your meal, and take away another part home. Or, order a kid-sized dish for meal to manage portion control.

Your choice of drink is not the thing to be neglected. It is as important as the solid food you take. Though drink or liquid does not make full your stomach like food, yet it puts in calorie. Avoid canned or bottled drink, drinking soda, flavored coffee. It is better to choose fruit juice or non sweetened tea for your health. Never forget to take sufficient drinking water.

Treating yourself with less food or fasting once in a week is not enough to shed your extra weight. Take every meal as a chance to take your health to better positions. Make food shopping on the weekend, taking more time to arrange healthy foods to keep you fit throughout the week ahead. This will guarantee a great success.

Neither reflect on your weight, nor weigh regularly. It might influence your food selection. A small variation of body weight can lead you to indulge you in big addition and modification of diet list. Never target any impractical goal of weight loss.  Like 16 pounds weekly. It’ll sabotage your health.

Take food after every 4 hours to create strong desire for a meal. It is better to consume minimum snack both in the mid-day and in the afternoon.  It   moderates the strong hunger at mealtimes.

What’s more important for keeping body fit for everyday activity, is taking exercises. Don’t leave all on the diet. Eat healthy, and choose right way life.



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  • Different people reacts to food diets differently. I think what's important is to understand your own body reaction to certain food. There's no one diet solution for everyone.

  • you are right

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