This summer in the NBA will be a busy one for those teams that would try their hands getting free agent superstars. Knicks are chosen to be the first one to pick in 2015 Rookie Draft. The likes of Trey Lyles, Emmanuel Mudiay, Justise Winslow, and D'Angelo Russell are their choices.

But there is other thing they want to accomplish this summer and this is to land Miami Superstar in their roster. Wade and the Miami Heat organization now are having confusions about the contract of D Wade and if this issue goes bad. The tendency of Wade playing with other team is not that impossible. Wade who's with Miami since he was drafted 2003 as the fifth overall was a wounded Heat his season. He missed a lot of games due to multiple injuries. The Knicks don't mine that. Maybe they considering Wade's basketball leadership and an attitude of a champion which their lone superstar right now don't have (Carmelo Anthony).

Another big name in the free agency this summer is Kevin Love of Cleveland Cavaliers.  He’s been out since the first round of their playoffs against Boston due a shoulder injury. Love is still one of the favorite players in the NBA; the double-double machine is having doubt if the Cavaliers will still give him a max deal. Considering that Tristan Thompson will also a free agent this summer and might ask for high salary contract so that he can still with the Cavs. Thompson's game bloom when Kevin Love has been injured and it brings success to Cavs that now are playing in the NBA finals. Lebron James speaks very highly about Thompson, believing that "he'll be here for a long time". - SOURCE: Sports World Report - One thing is for sure if they choose to re-sign Thompson and salary that will be given to Kevin if he stays will be lessens and, if Kevin wants to go to other teams. The Cavs can replace him with other free agent players like Tyson Chandler, Al Jefferson, and Larry Sanders that probably will demand less.

I have just discussed two of the biggest names in the free agency this coming summer but there is a lot names who's also can be considered if they live their teams. There are likes of Jimmy Butler, LaMarcus Aldridge, Monta Ellis and Louis Williams. NBA will be having an exciting summer this year and I am hoping everything will go well. Let just see what will happen next.

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