Naughty John (Theme: Nightmares)

  There was a boy named John. He was very naughty and loved to disturb things around. He rarely listens to his parents. He thought that all advices were just wasting of time. People called him Naughty John because of his behaviours.

“I’m still a small kid. I should do whatever I want. Nobody can stop me!" He said to himself aloud. He liked to chase the animals too. Whenever he saw animals, he would take a stone and threw at them. He would laugh loudly whenever the animals sounded hurt. What a naughty boy!

One night, while he was sitting at the porch, he saw a big owl on the mango tree. He ran in to his house and took his slingshot. He wanted to slingshot at the owl. Suddenly, there was a big bird coming from his behind and caught him on the shoulders. John shouted for help but nobody heard him. The bird kept chanting, “Naughty John! Naughty John!” John was really terrified. He prayed loudly that he would be a good boy. Will always listen to his parents and be good to everyone...It was too late, the big bird took him to a lake and dropped him there...John shouted with all his heart when he heard his mum’s voice. “Wake up, John! Wake up! You are having a nightmare!”

John was on the floor, crying loudly...He hugged his mum and told her that he would be a good boy and won’t be naughty anymore. Afterwards, John has really become a good boy ever since..polite to everyone and good to the animals.Now, no more Naughty John but, Polite John.

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  • Tidak lebih nakal Johan. He learned a good lesson from that dream. I wonder why he did not listen  to his parents at the first time? 

  • thank u Molmane for the comment ..and noa, u really have a good point there.LOL

  • Thanks my dear, for sharing this nice story of nightmare,have enjoyed reading,thanks a lot

  • A good story. I guess to be a Polite John is the nightmare of Naughty John. LOL

  • Hehe...thanks seeker. Amazing? I don't think so...I would be a writer if it's really amazing.. forgot to change listens to listened......Advice! Thanks for your advice..comments. Really appreciated that. Thanks:*

  • Thanks everyone. Enjoyed reading your comments :)

  • Nice...
  • Dear Katy, It's a good moral story. I enjoyed reading.

    Well Done!

    Thanks for sharing.

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