Natural disaster?

Shame on us, human beings for not taking care of our planet. The planet will survive without us, we won’t without Mother Earth…

The Amazon Rainforest is not only the largest forest in the world but it is also called the "Lungs of the World". More than 20 percent of the world oxygen is produced here. It is home to about three million species of plants and animals as well. The biggest lung of the planet has been burning for sixteen days … 500 000 hectares are in the fire only in Bolivia… And the government doesn’t want to ask for the international help, declaring that everything is under control, while the fire is still going on and endangering more than 500 species of animals, diversity of birds and insects.

Now, people on the streets are asking for international help mourning for the animals that have died during the fire. Mourning because we are giving another stab to the biggest lung on the planet.

The most beautiful Planet of the Universe….forgive us for existing.






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  • I thank you very much, Sir.. I agree, join you....Okay, Who are  responsible.. We ? Goverments ? What can we do to draw attention ?..Only The Greenpeace can do nothing alone, Do we support  the activities of the  Greenpeace ? If yes, how ?.....Thank you, shared  this article with me...Have a nice weekend.. Arrivederci....!!

    • Mmmm.... Mz. Martelli... In my humble opinion, the only creature who is responsible for the changes occurred on our planet is a human being. No animal extracts natural resources unlimitedly to cause earthquakes and tsunamis afterward, or...cutting down and burning forest urbanizing green territories and creating water/air animal kills just for killing...and so on and so forth...I can continue with a lot of other examples showing who is responsible, but I am sure just the ones mentioned above is enough to understand that it is the responsibility of each of us as a representant of human beings )))

      Wish you a great weekend as well. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment on the topic. 

  • We need to raise our awareness about forest protection.
    The mother planet gives us life, so we must try to preserve it, the life on earth is extremely fragile because they depend on many factors.
    If only one element is lost, it is likely that humanity will not exist on this planet anymore


  • Well, it is not totally related to this but in Turkey, when someone aims at contructing or building a huge hotel in a place, somehow some fires are taken place by some people and somehow i believe that the circumtance is same here. 


    • Absolute truth, Batuuu. Just as you say, the circumstances are almost always the same all over the world. Human factors. 

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your voice.

  • What were the causes behind this disaster I couldn't figure out.  Let me add it that plantation in huge quantity is the need of time, especially after industrial revolution in 1970s. 

    • Hi Arif, the fires here are mostly manmade and deliberate. Unlike the huge recent blazes in Siberia, the Amazon fires are very unlikely to have been caused by lightning or a dry season. Authorities are used to say that most of the fires are agricultural, either smallholders burning stubble after harvest, or ranchers clearing forest for cropland. But local farmers would never harm the forests so badly. It is all because of the illegal logging which is a widespread problem in the country. What happens is that officials within the agency entrusted with protecting forests falsified data and provide documents legitimizing the illegal harvesting of timber, a scheme that occurs throughout South America. Forest fires are a great curtain to cover the crime and hide the destruction of the forest.

      Thanks for dropping in and commenting on the topic. It is very important to raise the voice and stop destroying the planet.

  •    I am very sad to hear such a horrible news  . Human knows very well how to watch tragedies but as they have been through all their history  . They don't  intervene  to stop it . In my faith there is a saying by prophet Mohammad peace be upon him  . He said " Even if it is the doomsday and you have a tree sprout in your hand  , you should plant it "  He said as well  " if you plant a tree and a human  , an animal or a bird eats from its fruits  . This is your charity  " 

              :( I don't know how to help  . I wish if I can do something before it's too late  . But I always try to rise up the importance of keeping our planet save for our present and future generations   . 

            Have a nice day dear Olga 

    • Oh, Rosemary, such a nice comment. Thank you for sharing the words of your prophets…that is why they are called Prophets)))

      As for not intervening…maybe someone wants it to be buried under the fires??? Because the truth won’t be liked by anyone… The only help we can do is to pray for our planet (I mean all living and nonliving things) that suffers from our existence. The other help we can do is to raise the voices and spread the news through the social networks about the tragedy. As I told before local authorities had been waiting for more than two weeks before requesting the international help, which actually was late enough. The fire has already swept almost a million hectares in Bolivia but the government still doesn’t declare the "national disaster"

      Thank you so much for your participation. Have a great week, Rosemary )))

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