National Anthem of Pakistan

Urdu lyrics

كشورِ حسين شاد باد

پاک سرزمین شاد باد

ارضِ پاکستان!‏

تُو نشانِ عزمِ عالی شان

مرکزِ یقین شاد باد

قوّتِ اُخوّتِ عوام

پاک سرزمین کا نظام

پائنده تابنده باد!‏

قوم، ملک، سلطنت

شاد باد منزلِ مراد

رہبرِ ترقّی و کمال

پرچمِِ ستاره و ہلال

جانِ استقبال!‏

ترجمانِ ماضی، شانِ حال

سایۂ خدائے ذوالجلال



Phonetic Representation

Pāk sarzamīn shād bād
Kishwar-i ḥasīn shād bād
Tū nishān-i ʿazm-i ʿālī shān
Arẓ-i Pākistān!
Markaz-i yaqīn shād bād

Pāk sarzamīn kā niz̤ām
Quwwat-i Ukhuwwat-i ʿawām
Qaum, mulk, salt̤anat
Pāyindah tābindah bād!
Shād bād manzil-i murād

Parcam-i sitārah o-hilāl
Rahbar-i taraqqī o-kamāl
Tarjumān-i māẓī, shān-i ḥāl
Jān-i istiqbāl!
Sāyah-yi Khudā-yi Ẕū l-jalāl


Translation (poetical)

May the holy land, stay glad;
Beautious realm, stay glad.
Thou, the sign of high resolve—
O Land of Pakistan!
Citadel of faith, stay glad.

Order of the holy land,
Power of fraternity of the populace;
The nation, country, and domain;
Ever luminous remain!
The cherished goal, stay glad.

Translation (literal)

Blessed be the sacred land,
Happy be the bounteous realm.
Thou symbol of high resolve,
O Land of Pakistan!
Blessed be the citadel of faith.

The order of this sacred land,

The might of the brotherhood of the people,
May the nation, the country, and the state,
Shine in glory everlasting!
Blessed be the goal of our ambition.

The flag of the crescent and star,

Leads the way to progress and perfection,
Interpreter of our past, glory of our present,
inspiration for our future!
Shade of God, the Glorious and Mighty.

Acknowledgement:  Help taken from inernet.

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  • Thanks Anah, our National Anthem is of course UNIQUE!

  • Lovely blog I ever read!

    Thanks for the share Sir!

  • nice poem,thanks

  • Dear Mishaikh,long life Pakistan and your people. Sorry for my belated congratulation.:D
  • "Happy Independence Day" in advance.

    This is not the story of a single country.  The same is happening with almost all the countries of third world (under develop countries).

    Keep you heart tender.  This is the least we can do.

    Thanks Onee for liking our National Anthem.

  • Mishaikh,, everytime I sang a national anthem with full of respect, there were tears falling onto my cheeks. What I've done for this country? What should I do for this country? These questions came out of my mind.

    But when I see the government, the injustice, and the imbalance of my country, these tears couldn't fall. It's stopped. Just to think how we could walk through it all. Our own independence could be maintained by us who are do the best for our own country.

    What a very enthusiasm National Anthem! Full of pride, Full of wishes, Full of spirits. Thank you for sharing.

    "Happy Independence Day" for Pakistan. Tomorrow is my turn to celebrate Indonesia Independence Day. :)

  • @Caro: Yes Urdu has a very big heart to keep words of its own and from other languages especially Arabic and Farsi.  Interesting thing is that URDU itself is from Turkish, means caravan.  As a caravan (Lashkar) contains of people from all walks of life, cast and culture travelling together, in the same way our language Urdu carries words from all cast and culture.

  • You are welcome Elf Noor.

  • Happy Independence day..
    :) i really like our national anthem, its lyrics,music...!! Thanks for providing its literal translation.
  • wow this language contain Arabic and Persian words , nice blog

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