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   Naming customs vary from one country to another. Having this huge diversification led me to ask this question: How did our ancestors around the world find their babies' names? Ethnic and religious customs and so many other factors can drive you to a strong, ethnically rooted, meaningful name. Is this not so? I have made some researches about naming customs in the world and I am going to cite about some countries

  Both in Russia and in the US, babies’ names are composed of three parts: a first name, middle name and a last name. A child is often is called using a pet name which is derived from the former one. For instance a baby named Mikhail is called ''Misha'' by his relatives. 

  Unlike many other European cultures, in Italy people like traditional names they simply choose their babies’ name from famous personalities.

   In Greece, the customs are quite different from Italy. And here, the gender of the baby determines which name will have. In the family you can notice that if the first-born was a boy, he is often named after his paternal grandfather. The same thing, if the baby was a female she usually named after her paternal grandmother. And other relatives would name the later-born children.

   Many things are taken into consideration when naming children in some African countries, like their own hopes or some important events. Therefore new born baby are given a complete name unless the first is once they are born and the latter at the celebrating day.

   A Malay names are usually like those of some Arabic-speaking countries which consist of a compound name, that is to say a first name followed by a patronymic name; which also appears in some African countries. Depending on the gender; like Bin a middle name for a boy as in ''Adnan Bin Daud'', which means ''Adnaa'' son of ''Daud''. The same thing for the girl using Bint as in ''Afrine Bint Daud’’ 
Which means ''Afrina'' daughter of ''Daud''.

   Historically, Arabic names were rooted on a chain of names that was especially used throughout Arabia and part of the Levant.

   I preferred to cite only a few countries, to show the most important differences. In addition, I want to get your feedback(s) and know more about your country.
   To make this blog informative and cultural, I would like to ask these questions which could assist you to present some part of your country’s traditions in naming customs:

     How do people in your country opt for their babies’ name? What is the system of naming children there?

  When I was born, my parents and elder siblings balloted on choosing my name. When my mom told me about the name that she had wished for me, I was surprised, and I didn’t like it because it was old-fashioned. Thank God my father’s choice won. By the way, Asmaa was the name of Abu Bakr Asedik’s daughter ‘’ Radiya Allah Anhoma’’ companion of the prophet Mohamed ‘’ peace be upon on him’’, my father named me on that basis. Asmaa means all names (in Arabic), and Sky (in Urdu).

  Appropriately, in my religion the father of the baby whispers in his/her ears and says the call of prayers to make the devil stay away from him/her. Then one member of the family slaughters a sheep as a delightful mark of his/her coming. People would meet on the seventh day after his/her birth to celebrate the arrival of the new baby.

  Here is my second question: How did your parents choose your name?

  The names that I like are: Mohamed, Ahmad, Ali and all names which come after Abdu El … (God names) such as Abdu El Wahab, names of angels like ''Gabriel'' and all prophets' name.

 Here is my third question: What are the names that you like ? What name do you wish you had, or are you satisfied with the name that you have?

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  • Hmm, Pina what a nice tradition! but having the same names in each generation is a bit boring, no? Thanks for reading and commenting my blog :)

  • Nice post Esma.
    Years ago parents use to name their 1st son/doughter with the same name of the father/mother (like mine) in my country. Nowadays many parents name their children with posh/preppy names.
    In my case I'm the 4th generation with the same name but I broke the tradition when my son was born, it's uneasy when someone called my name and my father and grandfather answer.
  • Thank you so much dear Tara for Dropping in your Valuable Comments ... I sincerely appreciate your kind response regarding my simple blog. By the way, you look beautiful ^_^

  • I once watched the video - I just watched it again. Tara looks really so great in it!

  • Hi Asmaa! 

    Thanks for the excellent post. This is so interesting! Back in 2011, Joyce posted a video challenge for MyEC members. She asked us to tell the story of our name. This was mine. A few other people joined in too. It would be fun to see some more videos!

  • Hello Expector Smith,

    You do not know how I became happy when seen your response on this blog. Really ! it’s an honor for me to see your honorable presence. I think it encouraged me.

    The culture of your country China is amazing and all people know about that. The country of wisdoms and sapiences. I think I’ve got the significance of changing the child name. China is mapped in my mind as ‘’ A Country Of Wholesomeness ‘’

    Thank you for reading my post and sharing your fabulous information from the lovely country China. I appreciate your comment more than you know.

  • My Dear Friend Asif Ali Zindani,

    First of all, I want to thank you for all of your kindness, gentlness and friendliness. That's so kind of you to read and to comment my blog. You really made me laugh, when reading your comment.

    I know that I asked a lot of question, but as I've mentioned above I wanted it to be informative, so everyone can share something about his/her country about naming customs. You’ve given a valuable information about your country, I appreciate that. The secret is that it was checked out  by a native speaker, that why there isn't too much mistakes.

    By the way, I liked your answers and I decided to give you a ‘’ B ‘’ on your examination and I think you deserve a chat as a gift LOL You are most welcome dear Asif !! I like your comments, always leave them on my blog. Is it possible? They are precious and funny at the same time. LOL

    Best wishes,

  • Fun blog!

    In China, the names consist of two or three Chinese characters. The first charater in a name is usually the same as his/her father's first charater. The baby girl or boy will be given a simple or informal but cute name - you may call her/him "chubby" or even "stone" or "whatever you think is fun or suitable". When the girl or boy is going to school, she or he will be give a formal name - the parents may name them after a famous person, but never after an ancester - they just keep the same surname.

    BTW, a Chinese woman don't change her name even after she's married to her husband. That is to say Chinese people rarely change their name - they will keep the name that was given by their parents when they were going to school.

  • In our country criteria for thier babies name changed time by time.
    In past people prefer Prophet Muhammad's ,God's and famous people names.
    Now a day people prefer name with good meaning beacuse people feel name reflect in personality. As you know my name is Asif Ali ( if u don't know than i wanna chat with u in private LOL.) its means Administrator and the origin of this name is fm Hazrat Salman Pharsi's minister, whos name is Asif and he known as good admintrator. Another example of point is, A MyEC member whos name is start fm Nur, means light and I feel she's giving light to other members, am I right Nur and Asma yur names means all name especialy its use before Asma-e- Hussna( all good names of Allah). Asma i wanna corect you, hindhi means of asma is not Sky, its urdu word AASMA means sky.
    Another intrestesting thing in our area e.g if you are Suni Muslim, your childs name will be Muhammad Asif and if you are Shia Muslim yur kid will be Asif Ali.
    Asma, I wanna tell you, your Blog is not good, its like a final examiation paper.
    What a difficult exam for me I've taken 24 hour LOL.
    So what you feel I pass my examination.
    Asma, keep it up, U have all viruses of good Blog writer.
    Thanks God, finaly it finished.
  • Hello Lamlom,
    You are most welcome dear, hope you liked it ! Thanks for your warm words :)

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