Hi, people of the world. 

I could name this weekend "My sweet weekend" coz my activities were connected to baking and decorating. 

I learnt how to make sugar flowers (and they are eatable). And also I baked a cake for my colleague's birthday. I hope he'll like it! What will you say???? 

Thanks in advance :) And here are my results. Don't judge too strict :D

These are my sugar flowers: 

And this is my cake. I have just finished it and now I can drink my coffee :) 

Bon appetite :) 

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  • Jasmine, :P kindergarten is yours :) mine is Senior school :D

  •  Elen, thanks for your comment :) 

  • Wow Honey Bee! They are so beautiful that you don't want to eat it! Good job!!

  • Alireza, well the rose is made of sugar and eatable:) the rope isn't eatable so don't break your teeth while trying it :) 

  •  setareh, with pleasure :)))

  • HI

    They are great. The flowers looks like natural. the cake is like fruits pot. But what is rope around the cake is it eatable too? else your friend is going to hang himself by it :D. how about rose? is it eatable too? also take special care of it because the kiwi slices are sensitives to open air.

  • Your flowers are beautiful and your cake sounds delicious. Could you bake one for my birthday.:D that would be great.
  • Evangelina, today I will try it and I'll tell you :) 

     Nimzaf, clean up after yourself :D

     Lady Anne, I do it for free for people if they want like in this case:) As for the rope around the cake, it's not eatable :D 

    MaYaM, well, I;m not a great cook but I do it adding my soul and good attitude :) I know it's far from perfect but - these are my first steps :D

    Thanks for answering!)

  • I have a question by the way.  It really made me curious.

    That rope tied around the cake on the second picture, is that edible, too?

  • much if I order?  I hope delivery is free, hahaha!

    Great talent!  It can be a good business, Honey!  Maybe next time, you are going to learn how to make fondant cakes.  They just go with edible flowers.  Keep up the good job, Honey!

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