Hi, people of the world. 

I could name this weekend "My sweet weekend" coz my activities were connected to baking and decorating. 

I learnt how to make sugar flowers (and they are eatable). And also I baked a cake for my colleague's birthday. I hope he'll like it! What will you say???? 

Thanks in advance :) And here are my results. Don't judge too strict :D

These are my sugar flowers: 

And this is my cake. I have just finished it and now I can drink my coffee :) 

Bon appetite :) 

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  • Go ahead Honey!

  •  Mishaikh, maybe I should open a new topic in Creative English about cooking?)

  •  User, bon appetite

  • This makes me not to care diet any more!

  • mmm looks so yummyyy , honey plz think about my offer :P
    Thx for sharing :)
  • AG, thanks for such words.

  • I know You have this talent of decoration... It is just always great to hear the news of ur success & happiness qin ur realulity... I wish u r always satisfied about it...
  • if i was your brother or your ... i will eat like this every week! who knows?

  • Nimzaf, don't spoil your computer with watering mouth :D

  • I'm dreaming your cakes this moment.
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