My struggle for learning English

Though, I have studied English as a subject in school,I have been still struggling to master this subject for many years, in all these years I have tried so many things to improve my English but Alas! Still is not achieved the goal of perfect English learner. My weakest point in English learning is my inability to speak fluently. The main issue of speaking English is that I don't have English speaking people around me. Long time back I joined the language institute for short term course in spoken English,that of course helped me to overcome my hasitation and now I can speak wrong English without hasitation..:)
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  • Very well. Hope you must achieve your goals. Go ahead dear Arisha.
  • When English is a second language to a person or learner, it is difficult to master  spoken English when there's no one to speak the language with. But, always continue to learn to speak in English.

  • Thank you everyone for reading my blog...hope will improve my writing skills soon
  • Find a friend, as Onee said.. Talk with your friend in English Language with out any hesitation or fear... You will improve soon..
  • Welcome to MyEC and Congratulations on your first blog!

  • Nothing will make you fluent but only regular practice. Keep practicing. Best wishes. :)

  • Hi Arisha,

    Find a good friend from here to be your partner in speaking English. :)

    Btw, your English is good. You just need to learn more about preposition.

    In your sentence, you should write "for many years". "The main issue of ..."

    Keep on learning! 

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