My struggle against consuption.

Actually I wanted to give a more exagerating and colorful title, but I decided not, because it would have too horrible. Anyways, first I like to share a picture of a tool that I made. I mean the one at top on picture. Made of a plank of wood, bicycle rear axle and 3 Screws with tapered heads for torx screwdriver.. Not the vernier caliper.
3855166710?profile=RESIZE_710xCan you quess what I use this tool for? It's bicycle rear deraileur hanger adjusting tool. What makes it special, is that all it's parts are reusable. So assuming that you already own a bicycle rear axle a plank of wood and 3 screws + screwdriver. It gomes free. Instead of vernier caliper you can use ruler or any tool, to measure distance.

There's also a good reason, why the axle is attacked with 3 screws. The one lonely screw is to keep it together and limit the play. Other 2 screws are to adjust that axle to right angle with blank. To get it right angle, just screw the tool to bicycle deraileur hanger by axle. Secure it with a nut so that it would not move, or get undone. Then measure distance from bicycle rear wheel(or optionally from frame) to one end of the blank. Then turn the blank 180 degrees around axle and measure distance from the same point of frame to this end of blank. Distance must be exacly same. If it's not, then adjust the 2 screws at right acordingly. Losening one dightening other, until the distance is same. Now the tool is ready to check your deraileur hanger adjustment. Measure distance betwen blank and wheel. On wheel measure at valve, then turn both the wheel and blank 90 degre and measure again. And then once more. 90 degre. All 3 measurements must be same. If they are not, you need to bend the deraileur hanger acordingly. If the hanger is made from aluminum. It's easy to bend. Just grab from the end of that bicycle rear axle that is screwd on tool and nudge it to desired direction. Don't try to bend it by using the blank as lever. That blank is only for measuring. Screws won't hold it dightly enough.

I have successfully used this method few times and don't feel like I need a special tool or bring the bike to shop to let them to redune it after I had adjusted it. I cot it straight enough. And I think it's creat way not just to save some money, but to help economy too, to cure it from meaningless overconsuption. The cheapest commercially available tool for this, that I found was 33.23€ which might not sound really terribly expensive, but this is still better for enivnroment. While the most expensive tool I saw was 317€ ..Unbelievable, I don't think you get noticiable better result with more expensive tool.
My gears work just after adjusting with my homemade tool.
I'm very broud of myself for making this tool, because all the parts are still reusable.. Though, I admit, that maybe you colud damage the treads on that axle, when turning the blank around it. The screws may damage it.., but I guess there are ways to protect it from that too. Maybe putting some piece of plastic there. Anyways, I believe I can little bit save the earth, the enivnroment and make economy better, because, by not buying tools and things that I actually don't need. I stop manufacturers producting things. I force them to try harder, to create things that actually are needed.. Well, the fear is that they just change bicycles again. Like they have done many times.. To change measurements, so that the parts from old models would not fit to new ones and vice versa.. Don't know good remedy for that yet.. but. Well that's just how theyand their capitalismus are. What consumer really needs is not important, the enivnroment also.. that's something that consumers should care. What is important is what they are able to sell to people and make consumers to believe that they need it.

I'm not always that successful at fighting against consuption. I so often make bad decisions, buy wrong things. Last summer I bought new computer. I had forgot that, by buying parts and building it by my self, would be cheaper. I had not build new computer 10 years. So this time I thought it's so much bother to learn all the stuff that has changed in hardware. I better buy a ready built machine. In past when I built my previous computers, I had always strugles with graphic boards and their drivers not working properly in linux. So this time I thought that I'm clever. I buy a computer with no graphic card, just only the intel gpu that is built in cpu. Later I was told how stupid I was. That I should have bought amd, that amd is linux friendly now and that they have all openshource drivers. But well whatever. What's done is done. Just that I colud have saved almost 100,,,e I think. If I researched what parts I need and built the exact same computers from parts. But it didn't come my mind that I actually could save so much. When I wanted to build wheel to my bicycle. It was oposite. If I buy all the parts, 32 spokes, spoke niples, rim and hub. It would cost much more than, buying a ready made factory wheel.. Weird isn't. I already have spoke key and truing stand, that I bult by my self. Also dishing cauge that I also built by my self, and Parktools spoketension cauge.. I rwally should have made spoketension cauge by my self too. But I thought that calibrating is difficult.. But really, it's not.. With the money I spent for tensioncauge. I could have got parts needed for calibrating stand and.. maybe it would have cost me liitle more, to build both tools.. But maybe I could have made a better tool than that tm1 by parktools company?

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  • Wow.. good job Hardi. Nice you're a handyman :)

    I,m not for consumerism also but most of the times I must resort to it due to the lack of time, I guess I'm part of this wheel after all. At least I keep on changing my bike's tubes and keep the tires with right  pressure :)

    • I have sometime patched the tubes, but I'm not sure if it has always ben enivnromentally good. Because the patches gome with small tube of clue. And once I open that tube and not reuse some time, it will dry out and become useless. And it's difficult to find that type of clue from store separately.. So the option would be to buy new repair kit to get new clue.. But I got a big tube of rubber clue from a store selling general household stuff.. Bicycle shop don't sell just clue. Only the whole kit, including patches and tool to clean tire.
      Actually if I wanted to be really enivnromentally friendly. I would cut the patches from an old innertube and clue those, but I already have some patches that were left over from some tire repair kits, after the included clue had got bad(dryed out). Repair kits are good too, because you can carry it for longer trip.. I can use those left over patches first, but if I run out of them. I probably cut from an old inner tube that is beyond repair.
      Also I use schwalbe sv17 inner tubes (28" wheels with presta valve). They are made from thick rubber and stretcy, they fit tires from 28mm wide to 47mm wide. So I don't have to worry about the width of innertube when buy tires. I can keep same innertube wheter I use 42mm wide studed winter tire, or I put on some 30mm wide cross tire in summer for speed. ^_^

  • welcome back to the blog Hardi..

    no clue.. not clue at all..   

    • Really? But it's avesome. There are people who try to make people to buy things. To spend their moneyT to make money, so that they could spend. But I kinda stepped out from the route they had planned for me.. They want me to be unhappy, because then they can control me. But I lay my own path to walk on and find my hapiness.. Ha-ha, maybe they are craying, because I did not buy the expensive tool, nor did I bring my bicycle to a shop and wait in line when they have time to fix it.. Although it really takes a little bit more time to do it with my tool than a factory made tool, I still conserve nature, by not spending money. And definitely it was faster to do it with my own tool, than bringing bike to a shop.. Like half hour to bring it to a closet bike repair shop, then arguing there with mechanic, who probably try to find something more to repair and get more money and then sell me something maybe.. So it's awesome. I'm awesome. I'm a really good guy. :D

    • indeed you are awesome.... creative and be able to create things ..   



  • Great post. Love it! :-D

    Congratulation on your homemade tool. I'm not so skillful with my bicycle, though. I guess it's because it was already messed up when I bought it. Many new things you can buy nowadays are so poorly manufactured, it's often better to buy second hand goods. Well, and of course it's better for the environment...
    I was smiling while reading your last paragraph. Good old days... when getting Linux to use hardware properly was a success, and you felt like the king of the world... And who doesn't want to edit their fstab by hand to access the hard drives... Meh. Ubuntu is taking all the fun out of it. :-P But I understand your tiredness to keep up with the new hardware after 10-20 years. Same here sometimes... :))

    Keep it up!


    • Thank you, NotAClue

      I use Arch linux, so I still partitionated the hard drive manually. It took me 3 trials before I got it correctly partitioned and grub installed. My previous computer was from pre EFI. I never had a computer with efi before. So I obviusly did not want to use old legacy mode. I made silly mistakes, like formated efi partition with ext4 filesystem.. Did not think, that motherboard won't support that. But got it working.. though I did not make swap partition. Because I thought that I need to reinstall it later again after I buy a real hard drive. The new computer came with 320Gb sdd disk. I thought, that it's too small and probably slow, and that it will get bad soon.. But, I was wrong again. In 10 years, ssd technology had improved so much. It's extremely fast. When, I switch computer on - loading of bios takes maybe half of whoole boot up time, then there's a little wait for grub menu too. Although I only use one operating system. I don't know any other bootloaders, than grub.. Long ago I used lilo too, but that got out of fasion already decade ago. Anyways, now even though, I bought one more 2Tb harddrive for videos.. (it's obviusly the videos that I record with my handlebarcamera, when bicyclng.) I still have the initial install.. without swap partition. But I have had linux installed without any swap before too, and did not have any problems. So I leave it that way. Also I use xfce desktop. It's my favorite. ^_^

      But I need to take it apart, because it seems the cheap powersupply fan makes noise sometime when I switch computer on. Must oil it.

    • It seems we have a hardliner on board. Good to know. ;-)

      Hope to see you around, Hardi

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