My strange feelings

We're living in a 21st century, the time is running so fast. The competition is so tough, people are really working hard to earn a better living. So do I!

Sometimes I feel that I'm running and running, even I'm tired and exhausted but I am not stop running. I'm scared of something. And I keep running.

I'm tired, and I keep running. I'm carrying a lot of weight on my shoulders. It looks like my shoulders doesn't carry the weight anymore. I feel lot of burden on them. 

People say don't give up so easily, you do your best. You struggle and you keep struggling but in the end you find yourself no where. You find people laughing at you, they're surrounded by the people who tease you and discourage you. When you look around yourself, you find yourself alone. You don't give up and you ignore all the criticism and keep struggling. There are many more runners along with you, but they are not carrying any burden. 

People keep distracting me and discouraging me, they tell me the things i don't wanna hear. From their point of view they are encouraging me. But I don't need that.

Who am I to them?

No one

Then why they pretend like they care?

People say being bad is easy but being good and remain good is so difficult. I'm not lying i tried to hate people around me but couldn't really do so. I always tried bad things to become bad but couldn't become one. Maybe I'm bad for some but what I know that I'm not bad to all.

I'm keeping things in my heart which I want to throw out, therefore I've chosen to write a blog about it.

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