Hello dear awesome members of MyEC, :)

As you can see in the title, yes, this is to respond Halima's blog. ^^

I decided to post this as I hope you would guess or think about the riddle, in vocabulary learning purpose. Another reason is I think I'm late to help Halima. Sorry for being late, Halima. Thanks for this idea. :)

Here is the riddle for the word 'telecommunication'.

1. An object that can make the sounds that you often hear on New Year's Eve beside the explosion of fireworks.
2. Synonym of valuable
3. Begging desperately
4. In the photo are my mother, I, my grand mother, and my daughter. We are four .....
5. Timetable in British = ..... in American
6. The repetition of the speaker's utterance.
7. Fall clumsily
8. Someone who is expert in making and repairing things in iron.
9. Don't forget to press the .... button before leaving the toilet.
10. A serious and unexpected situation where it needs immediate action.
11. If you are a worker, he is the one who watches your work.
12. Break time in British = ..... in American
13. I hate to see you everyday. I hate that you ignore me. However, I admit that I ... in love with you.
14. A special characteristic of a deer.
15. Smile in an irritatingly smug.
16. A character that should be possessed by a comedian.
17. A country in Northwest Africa.

Waiting for your participation. Have a great weekend! ^_^

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  • Congratulations Rose!
  • You are most welcome Rose.

  • Thanks a lot, Onee-chan and Mishaikh.

  • Wow Rose! Of course CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I always find crossword puzzle very hard.

  • Dear Rose,

    Absolutely you got them all. :D


    I have corrected the picture. Thank you, I forgot about that. ^^

  • Hi Onee-chan.

    Here is my attempt:

    1.   TRUMPET

    2.   PRECIOUS

    3.   IMPLORE

    4.   GENERATION (completely correct would be GENERATIONS)

    5.   SCHEDULE

    6.   ECHO

    7.   TUMBLE


    9.   FLUSH



    12. RECESS

    13. FALL

    14. ANTLER

    15. SMIRK

    16. HUMOROUS


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