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 I think I will write about myself - that's a good idea because I can write a lot about my life. I was born in Kerala, in South India, which is close/near to your native country. My village's name is Nilambur. It's a very famous place. It's a nice forest area, full of teak trees. The world's biggest teak tree is situated here in my place. I am the eldest son in my family. My father's family was a big family. He has 6 brothers and 2 sisters. They all lived together in one house/under the same roof. I was a kid at that time. So, I spent my childhood growing up in that big family. My father was a High School teacher. My mother was a housewife. At that time everyone was living in one house, including my grandparents. I was the first child of our big family. So at that time everyone cared and looked after me. I was a beautiful child. My house was big and we owned one acre land, which surrounded our house. There were many mango trees, coconut trees and many other types of trees in our plot of land. My house was also near a river. Many creatures lived in our place, for example mongooses etc. There were also many birds like parrots, mynas etc. The nature there was very beautiful. I enjoyed this beauty in my childhood/when growing up as a child. There were also some dangerous animals - snakes like the cobra for example. I saw them often, but they never attacked me. My childhood was very interesting. After the birth of my cousins I got new company in my house. I was living in a village. Near my house there was a big and beautiful river. When I was a child, I went to that river for swimming and taking a bath. The river was flowing from a mountain. There shore of the river was nice and sandy. In the evenings we played football there. We swam across the river during summer time, when the river became smaller/narrower. The river's name is Chailayar. If we walk one kilometer away from my place, you will find the spot where three rivers join into one. It is very beautiful. During my childhood, fishing was my hobby. I and my friends went fishing at the river. When it was night time, we sat along the sand shore and kept talking about all things, whilst watching the moon and the stars in the sky. It was a beautiful view and very romantic. At nights the river cooled down, so that we were gently touched by the cool breeze. It made our hearts and minds feel fresh.


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  • Hi Vkbabu, it's very nice to know about your childhood. It was happy indeed. I think it's very nice to live in a big house with all your family members around you. As a matter of fact, people in my country Syria used to live this way long time ago. I just wonder wether this habbit is still in vogue in India or not.
  • Wonderful Childhood.


    Thanks for sharing here.

  • you have had  a wonderful and happy  child hood  


    Thank you for sharing  them with us 



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