My Night dream and my day's works

In the cool season during night when the bed make body heated and proportionally to do list against coming days assignment is also display before. it is worthwhile to share the phenomena that while dreaming of the task to accomplish in next day we normally become much optimistic and when the day started and our dreams are required to be comes true we started working and also started making room for excuses to not get the planed works done.

it is very common in the cool season with me.

i think there will be very few who plan in night and get implemented in next day accordingly.Indeed they are one from successful person in the world.

how many of you do the same ? who could reconcile the gap between the dream and it destination. 

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  • Hi Nazir,

    It somehow needs consistency. :)

    Good motivation!

  • Quit interesting of having same nature we are,Mr Gulzar Hussain. 

  • Thanks for shearing such a nice blog! Very please to knew that I am not the only one whose night dreams vanish in day. Don’t worry we are on the same ship.): D   

  • Mmmm.. I think it happens only in some singular cases... I also have such experience! It is exactly as you said "we become more optimistic". But unfortunately it doesn't work everytime. And "to dream about"... How can we choose, what to dream about?:) We can think about successful completing our works or tasks. Or if you mean that it is a BIG DREAM? Then "to dream about" can mean to think about. Ok, thank you for sharing!

  • thanks dara gino for the time you invest in reading my post...

  • Bahut acha hain, Nazir Hussein. I guess you like cold seasons very much. I cover myself with a big blanket at night time during winter. Thanks for sharing.

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