My New Writing Challenge: a Short Story.

Hi, my friends! I have promised you to start a new challenge where you will be able to write your stories using your own vocabularies. So, here you are! After reading all your comments to my previous blog I decided to give you an opportunity of trying yourselves in two ganres: SCI-FI and TRILL/HORRORS. Here are the rules:

1. Each of you can write a story in both ganres.

2. The word limit is 200 words.

3. You vocabulary is unlimited.

4. All stories within the word limit will be corrected.

When you are done, we will estimate your stories and will have the winners in both ganres. As usual, our winners will get some modest prizes from us.

I have to beg your pardon in advance as we will not be able to correct your stories at once. Please, be patient.

Please, start posting your stories here naming the ganre, OK?

I will be able to enter EC only on Tuesday or Wednesday. Hope, you will have a great weekend and great creative work for your brains!


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  • haaa, Danny, you are right,. I m upset yes, but not because of your correction, I've got something else in mind. I m trying to become active but afraid I cant, anyway I will try to join the discussion and others activity as well. 

  • Jade! Dear girl! You are so touching, so sincere and so smart! Go on developing all your skills as you are very talanted. EC is the free space! I know what you  mean byhaving a cup of tea with the authorities, but it was not that tough in the USSR at the times my wife lived there. Anyway, it is all about sci-fi, right? (it is for your officials to read!)That's it about policy! Just express your mind about the stories of others when you are ready, OK?

  • Dear Danny!! You have corrected my version 3!!! I saw it in your last blog!!! If I write something like that in domestic websites, maybe someone will ask me to have a cup of tea with him someday… But I feel so good to tell  something deeply buried in my heart and feel excited to see it is a story which can be read by others. Although it is not a new idea for most of you, but it means a lot to me.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Thank you for everything. If a cell can talk, then every cell of mine would like to shout out loud to deliver my feelings across the pacific ocean to you!!! I truly appreciate all your replies and all the time you spent on my (naive) stories. All of them are my motivation for being a better person.

    Sorry that I feel under the weather these days. Permit me to catch up on your latest activities this weekend. I promise I will take part in the discussion. Please send my regards to Tanya. Hugs!!!

  • Dear Peppo! I hope, I haven't upset you so much! I didn't mean that at all. You told about that society very well, but you didn't express your mind about friends. So, I propose you to join the dicussion of all the stories here:

    I hope you all to learn debating defending your poins of view. I believe it is a good idea as Americans are tought to this art since childhood

    One More Literary Contest: a Short Sci-Fi story; Let's Discuss Your stories and Choose the Best
    My dear friends! You have written very nice Sci-Fi stories. They are not perfect, but they deserve to be read, discussed and awarded. As usual, I wil…
  • Dear Danny,. 

    Actually I wanted to say many things -maybe I can write a book about this, lol, but consider my bad grammar, i will postpone this idea xD- 

    I wanted to show a condition where there no laws and rules, how terrible if human have everything but cannot use it properly. the jungle law, where the strongest are the leader and how togetherness keep us strong in this kind of condition. I wanted to write so many things and forgot what should i write was just a short story, I really sorry. 

    I should admit it's not clear at all, I will try again if possible, with more structured story and better grammar. 

    Thank you so very much for helping me^^

  • Dear Peppo! I am sorry, but I would have never got your idea if you hadn't told me. You really failed in its expressing. It is clear that the Sun is a metaphor and now I see that you meant friends, but it is not clear at all.

  • My friends! I hope you all will take part in the discussion of your story in my two new blogs.

  • Dear Danny,. 

    I am so sorry for late replying. The sun is just a metaphor. Sphere has no sun but I have my own version of it, my friends in my guild. Actually the story was long but it should be only in 200 words xD I think I am failed to convey my thought, I wanted to say how valuable my friends are rather than everything else there.

    Thanks for the correction^^ 

  • Dear Jade! I have corrected your Version 3 at last.

    The Second Life Project

    The State Bureau of the Second Life Project (PLS) was founded in 2090 to help the adults who have distorted values that may result in miserable life and many social problems. In the project, participators’ memories will be cleared by a memory clearing machine. For the next few years, they will be mentally raised up by certificated parents and then attend an educational system specially designed for them to form what the officials consider_ to be healthy values. In 2100, the bureau allowed all adults who are eager to change themselves completely to join the project. They called the SLP “the perfection movement”.

    Forty years have passed since then. Now The Bureau is surrounded by people against it. “The brain washing machine!” , that’s what they call it now. Being on the staff and having been  devoted to the project for over thirty years, I can’t stand that. My mind goes blank and I can do nothing but huddle__ in the corner of my office, watching my coworkers deleting digital records like cats on hot bricks. All of a sudden, my journal fell off the table and the following words stroke my eyes.

    “Today as a routine, I have visited some recomposed families. I’ve been very happy to see NO.434 and NO.478 developing very well with the help of their new professional parents. They followed all the instructions. When they graduate, they will have their own names and all the shortcomings will be deleted from their records, just like they were deleted from the record of the most famous former participator, our governor. While I was thinking, I looked out of the window. I saw a perfect picture I’ve been dreaming of. Many people in our SLP uniforms walked on the street and greeted each other. They walked in the same pace and talked in the same tune, which successfully proved that they were up to standard as perfect productions we made. All of them without exception had so bright smiles that even colorful rainbow tended to fade…"

    Closing the journal, I finally understood the crowd outside. 

    Now, you can see both your stories in my new literary contests.

  • Dear Serene! I have forgotten to tell you that "course of necessary" is not right at all. I can propose you "the mandatory/compulsory/required corse" or something like that. I will help if you explain what you mean by that, OK?

This reply was deleted.