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I have just read that someone had many ideas but didn't have enough time to write. I must say that I have enough time, but for my write in foreign languages is difficult. First I must thing how I must write, second I must thing, how I must make a correct sentences, and third is the word correct. 

Last Wednesday I started an English class. We all are learning English end improve our skills.

It is nice to meet new people, to learn how they live and learn another cultures.
There are in my class twelve students, they come from different countries.

Tomorrow is my second lesson, it's start at quarter past nine until quarter to twelve.

At the last lesson we had some homework  we had to write about our holiday. I wrote about sightseeing holiday, about city in Poland, Krakow.

In my next blog I'm going to write about my holiday in Krakow.

All the best,, 







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  • Great!!! this idea is a perfect one to practise your English as well, beside share us with your holiday and daily in order to improve and fresh your memories with English vocabulay.

    I'm anxious to know your next :)

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