My Long Forgotten Best Friend

Yesterday I watched one of my favorite animes then suddenly I remembered her, my first ever best friend. It's been ten years since the last time I saw her. I felt sorry for forgetting her but because of that anime, I remember her again. It's painful to remember about someone  you know who doesn't live in the same world with you anymore. Even now my hands are trembling when writing this post. I just hope that she's living peacefully at her place now, no more pain like before. I guess it's the right thing that God took her away from us. It's hurt for the start but when I look back again, I prefer this way than seeing her suffering again. The thing that I want to tell her is that the anime, the one that we loved so much, is over. The ending is like with the way you want it. Maybe I should stop writing now before my eyes get teary.

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  • Pengampunan untuk jiwanya. Kamu membuat duaa untuk dia. As long as you are alive, make duaa for her. Ask Allah to forgive her sins and let her be in Jannah. Dinda was right. Your love for her is still going on. 

  • Your friend may be gone forever but not your love for her.., I think she's happy knowing that you still remember her :)
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