My name is Dan Vi Nguyen.  I originally came from Vietnam.  The land of war torn in the 60s and 70s.  I still remembered my daddy and the village of Vietnam at the time still defended for the last moment before the Fall of Saigon, Vietnam in 1975.  That day had made the history of our country's history, either one side of the people determined to win over the other. Follow the wave of people from Vietnam escaped the country to seek for freedom land and hope to build a new life on the land of the free.  My family and I were among the people who seek for freedom on the new land.


In 1993, my family and I settled in Oregon, United States of America.  At the time, I was just 7th grades in middle school. In my heart and mind, I only can think of one direction in life, that is, I must study hard in school.  My determination of being a good student in school. There were so much struggle that I faced like language barrier and cultural differences for me in the new life, new world.  But I made it to graduate with a recognition and certificate from middle school in 8th grade in America. Proud enough for me on the first step of entering the school academic achievement.

Entered high school with only hope and dream of education is the path to go in my life.  

I was in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program at the time.  I tried to study hard with all my heart and mind dedication to school.  My scored always to pass the class and at least I got B’s or A’s grade in school.

With all the support I got from family members, siblings, friends as well as school and the community.  I encouraged myself to do better in school.

By senior year in high school, I had a chance to visit Washington DC, USA whereas I met with politicians of America at the Capital of Washington DC, USA.  One of the politicians advised me and others: “Go home and serve the community.” Also, I got to see the monuments of America, and famous presidents quotes of America displaced in the capital of America.  That is when I realized the big picture of the country's vision and mission. I got inspired to write the song lyric: “All Colors With One Wish” because I noticed the American’s dream.

As I got home from the trip to Washington DC, USA, my mind still didn’t know what I want to do.  Then my best friend in high school suggested me to go to college for education. Then together we applied for college.  My friend and I got accepted into Portland State University, Portland, OR, USA. For the next six years of my life, I was on the road of pursuing education path on the land of America.

In college, I studied mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, and computer, etc.  I took general courses. But I didn’t know what I want to do with my education. But one thing kept reminding me that I must be a good student in school.  The four years in college, I decided to pursue physics as my major for graduation. With the help of professors and instructors at college, I made it to the end, that is, I graduated with Bachelor in Physics at Portland State University in 2004.  I felt so grateful and I thankful for everyone who helped me along the way to pursue my education path.

Now I want to help others to realize the education path as a journey in life to experience what out there that offer in life.

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  • Very good Dan Vi Nguyen 

  • You have travelled a long life, You have gathered vast experience regarding life and way of education. It's very much pleasent. I belive your experience will encourage others to go ahead. You have bitter history of war, we have the same thouh liberation war of us us shorter than that of you.

    Thank you.

  • Bravo Vi ! 

    What a vicissitudinous history !   you have done your best . What have you done is easy to say and hard to do , but you  come over all the hardships . Your  history and the way you  wnet on can help others to follow their ways better. 

    Thank you Vi !  I really enjoyed reading your blog and I am aiting for the next one . 

  • I always think education is important, and it is play a crucial role in the society. How can I help others to envision the education path to be an important role within the family and as the society?

  • Dear Ms Vi Nguyen, I am Vietnamese, too. I wish you all the best.

  • I always like education path, and I should always encourage others to pursue higher education.
    In order to have a dream in people life about education, one must be nurture since young within the family and community.

  • Success is the arrival of the person for the goal that aspires to reach him throughout his life, through continuous striving, perseverance, hard work, and as a result of this success reach to live your life in a way that inspires a feeling of much happiness and very little pain, and this prompts you to make more progress and success The ambition is spiritual energy in human life, and the basis of success, and the success of the life of the human being, It is the mental plan that regulates our lives, which drives us towards pain Will accept, and no value to human existence if not ambitious as soon as.

  • apreciaful


  • Nice lifestyle vi... whatever nice to meet u.. i wish you all the best vi.. you r a nice lady in our world..  help to others that is really wonderful...

  • Hi Vi!!  Nice blog.  I am happy that you found your way in a country so unlike your own.  It was not an easy task I am sure.  But it seems like you made it just fine.  The USA is a great place.  I forget that sometimes.  Sure we have people that are not so nurturing and nice......but many are nice and they are there to help one find their way.  The one thing I noticed that you wrote, you decided to study diligently and make sure to be an excellent is easy Vi to help those that are willing to go the extra mile and help themselves.  Which you did by being so focused on your school work and achievements.  So here you are today in a country that allows you to live as you will within reason......meaning no laws are broken....LOL  I am happy you love and respect it so.  It is an honor to our country and it's people that you feel that way.  You make our country better......there is no doubt......for after all......we might call ourselves American......but we were all as you were at one time......our ancestors came from the melting pot of the world......for the USA is made up of many nationalities......and in most ways it has made us a very fortunate country.  Thanks so much for your blog.  I enjoyed reading it!!!  HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

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