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  • What a cute guy! To be honest, I like dogs more, but this guy charmed me. Such a handsome man needs to buy some quality toys for this will make him even healthier and more playful. By the way, what do you feed your cat? I can recommend a good supplier with a top-class feed.

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    • Thank you for sharing.

  • What a cute guy!

  • indeed  =)

  • Sally, wo xihuan mao, dan I am afraid of them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hello Sally,

    I didn't know how people say that cat is handsome or beautiful. From which side I should see.... Lol.

    But then I understand. I myself now can say if the cat is handsome of beautiful. DD Absolutely, he is a handsome guy. ^^

    Thanks for sharing.

    • As a cat, it's handsome. I use this word, because it's a male cat.  Grammatically it's wrong. We can't use he or she for an animal. But people like using those words when they really love their pets. That's my thought. Maybe it's wrong. Anyway,  thank you for your comment.

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    • It is free most of time. When we go to sleep, we will put it into its bed. Even through it doesn't like it. Because it doesn't sleep at night. It will definitely disturb us. 

  • Your cat resembles the cats of our country, phenomenally handsome. He is in his cozy corner I guess!

    Recently, I got a lil bit intrigued about pet and pet behaviour. So a few things have drawn my attention. I knew that cats are pretty docile animal, but they are not really.I have learned so far:

    1. Cats demand our love freely, no expectation of long-term commitment. Like epionage affair hahaha

    2. The prime cause of death in cats under one is being run over.

    3. Every cats have a few hang-out spots.

    4. Cats are opportunists. lol



    • Yes. Cat has a lot of behaviors, but I can't understand. Cat likes cleaning  itself. But it doesn't like having shower. It will feel safe when places have its smell. Cat doesn't sleep at night. It sleeps in daytime. It's totally different from human beings. Even through it's a big cat, but it likes a baby. I really treat it as my kid. Because it thinks my daughter is its friend.

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