My Friends Were My Great Enemies

You might read many quotes on friendship, loyal friends and best friend, but probably all of us might know the principles of friendship. The friendship is not made on mere emotional base or in view of common interest, rather it should be on the basis of visionary and ideological acumen. What strengthens the friendship and relationship whether between two brothers, friends or a married couple? No an appropriate answer we have found yet.

When I was under ten, I used to love reading books to the extent; friends of mine began teasing me by calling bookworm. They used to suggest me that I should take part in extra curriculum activities. The suggestion apparently seemed great in terms of physical fitness, but it was proven destructive in this sense that Playing for an hour or two is not a bad idea, but dragging me to their discussion on daily sport activities which took me away from my constructive activities i.e. learning by reading. Actually, at that time, I didn’t notice that they felt ignored and failed to draw my attention. It’s human’s psyche that when you engross on something, people around you try to enquire it curiously and leave no stone unturned to distract you. They want your company for their own interest.

When I started playing cricket, I, very soon, became much popular in school and among cricket fellows and at the age of fifteen, I was selected for Karachi team.  They didn’t sit silent. They suggested that there was a beautiful world out of cricket ground. Finally, I agreed to go with them for picnic on every weekend. I used to value my friends more than anything else, but this type of friendship based on selfishness; I was too naive to perceive the side effect of such company. However, after experiencing some tragedies and exposure of real faces of so called friends, I realized that my friends were the killers of my precious time and great enemies of mine.

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  • You can have friends share your interest in reading, other for sport play, so on,
    I think people are different and you can enjoy the common things,
    They don't have to be typical as you,
    Good luck always, have nice time ❤️

  •  Nicely explained dear rose iris, but such friend is found only in book or movie. They don't exist in this world now thank for your wonderful comment 

  • Hi, Arif.

    Real friendship does not mean that you have to obey the rules of others and fulfill their wishes. And they do not have to do that for you.

    If you do not feel well if you do things that you do not like, why are you doing them? Friends accept you as you are.
    A friend does not have to be with you all the time, but when you need him you can count on them. The friendship has to grow. We can not find friends in seconds, minutes, days or months. Building friendship takes years.
    We don't need many friends. Someone who has one single, sincere friend is lucky.

    The strength of true friendship is based on trust, honesty, sincerity, empathy, understanding, and also the acceptance of our personality. To keep a friendship alive, working on it is necessary. Nothing goes by itself. Friendship is a very precious gift.

  • @Rosemary, thank for the comment. 

    What strengthens the friendship and relationship whether between two brothers, friends or a married couple?

  • First of all , labelling these people who were just around you in a period of your life as friend is totally wrong . They were just acquaintance or class mates only . This was your relation with them . However , your struggle to do what you really want from the inside of yourself and their continuous pressures to get you away from your real passions , is due mostly to your young age at that time and your lack of experience . It's something we all have gone through . Such situations make us stick more to our dreams and aims . Because ,we can't success without being ourselves . Finally , you have mentioned something about human nature , which , is their attack on these distinguished or talented people . Because of jealousy only . Some people role in life is spreading disappointment and stunning people , just because they can't do what others are doing . It is part of their inferiority complex . Thanks for sharing your story with us .

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