My first book in english

I'm very excited because I did that what thinked be impossible, I finally finished read this book and I'am very glad and proud. I didn't might let recommend this book, is great and once that you start read don't cant stop.

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  • Thanks for all comments, I'm already in the second book of series! Is really great for start. ;D

  • Congratulations, Nickolas!

    Keep reading! :)

  • My congratulations to you, dear Nickolas. 

    The great things start with the first step.

  • Oi there, Nickolas

         I agree totally with Rosemary's comment, read as often as you can, this will not only improve your vocabulary but will also show you how to construct English sentences if you also write blogs.

  • Reading, writing, and listening are parts of learning. Happy learning! :)

  •    Go ahead  read anything and you will improve gradually  not only in English but also in ur ways of thinking  :)

  • good to start with easy reading books
    good luck
  • Thank you for your comment. I really intend to continue reading, I should continue with kids books, because they are easier.

    Your comement motivated me write about the book, thank you again.

    This is single blog that I participate, I do not know other blog in the moment.

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