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Hi Everyone, writing is so difficult for me. How to Combine the words be a sentences, and how to combine sentences be a readable paragraph.

Please let me to introduce myself. My Name Yustinus Sucipto, but I use name masgareng as my ID., I'm from Jakarta Indonesia. I'm 40 years old. I think I'm very late to study English.

I was happy when I found EC from search engine, than an I joined. I hope I find friends around the world that want to help me improve my English language.

The first time thing that I did in EC was to upload photos. Photography is my hobby.
I have more passion on photography.

Thanks for everyone that stop by to my blog. Please correct my writing to improve my English.

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  • Thank you @dara gino.
  • Saya harap akan menjadi teman kamu Yustinus. Please, menabahkan saya. I hope to be one of your friends.
  • @Thanh, Thank for your support.

    @Jesson, Thank You.

    @Paras, Thank you. Be my partner, please.

    @Laddy Anne, Thank you very much. I'm very happy you want to correct my writing. I have edited my blog following your advice.

    @Noaslpls, Thank you very much.

    @Stranger in The Night, Thank you.

    @Estanis, Thank you for your support.

    @Maya, Thank you.

  • I think never to late to learn, Masgareng. The people like you are encouraging the young like me contining to learn. I'm glad to know you. I hope that you will be good at English as you want. Have a good day !

  • I am glad you started it, Yustinus.  The first step will always be difficult, but once you overcome that difficulty, you're up to the next step of your progress.  Only, you should not stop because if you took a long break, you would experience the same difficulty that you had experienced during your first step.

    For your next blogs, you can type "corrections" as one of your tags.  Some teachers may correct your errors when they see your tag.

    To help you understand what I mean, you can click the link below:

    Since you requested for it, here's my correction:

    ***How to string up the words to be a sentences, and how to combines sentences be a readable paragraph.  

    ("String up" is a two-word verb which means to kill or suspend somebody/something  by hanging.  So it's not appropriate to use it here.) 

    (Infinitive requires the basic form of the verb so it is wrong to say to combines but it is always correct to say to combine)

    **** I'm I was happy when I found EC from the search engine, than and I joined. 

    *** The first time thing that i did in EC is was  to Upload photos. 

    *** Photography is my hobbieshobby.

    Keep going....

  • Welcome to the world of EC bloggers. Age is just a number, and it's never too late to learn anything. 

    Observations :

    Always capitalised the word "I".

    My self - it should be written as one word 'myself'.

    Hope you tell us more about your photography because all your photos are awesome.

  • "It is never too late to learn"!

  • Hi Masgareng, welcome on board! and hope you can learn English here like I'm doing, by the way, let me correct you in your most important mistake in your blog, age should never be an impediment for our learning :)
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