My Experience with EC

Hello Everyone,

I'm not very choosy when it comes to write. My EC have given us a great platform to improve our English. I remember I took so much time to write my 1st Blog.

It was about EC members, I dedicated that blog to some of my good friends in EC. I made so many friends in EC from different countries. It was a great experience.

I may not be good in writing but trust me I'm much better than before.

My friends helped me improving my English, we used to have conference calls on Skype. First time we talked with each other and figured out that some people are only poor in writing but they are good in speaking. And some people were only shy in speaking, so we decided to talk to each others when we're free. And after few time, we all had great improvement.

So this is my story with EC, I learnt so much through this website and had fun as well.

So I want you to write as much as you can, and try to speak as much as you can. Soon you'll have great improvement.

I'm sure people will find the mistakes i made in this blog. And I'll appreciate such response.

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  • Thanks Nadira

  • Nice  to see you back Faisal :)

  • Glad to see you here, missed you so much. 

    I hope you're fine and doing well...thanks for leaving a note here...

  • Brother : Yes ,you are right .I also remember those old time ,we all came in chatting ,laughing too much .Really this is the best place to improve our English and make good friends at the same time .It's a very long time I haven't written anything .I feel so good to see you here again .:) Good luck always ,my brother .

  • Thanks ELF Noor

  • Yes, this the only website which made me to write someting in English in my own words.. But still My English is very poor, grammatical mistakes, I always do in my blogs, comments.. But the knowledge I am getting from here is very big and appreciated.. Specially friends I have in myEC are very very nice and loyal..

    BTW Welcome back..
    Stay Blessed..
  • Koi baat nahi Faisal. Ap mera dost. You are most welcome!

  • Thank you Mr. Dara for your kind words

  • Specially our friends......@ Rajesh...

  • Faisal, ap ka kiya haal hain? Abi kum si kum, kitna din ap koosh nahi bola mera ku. Again my Urdu is failing me. I meant for how many days we are not talking to one another? How are you Faisal?  I am really glad to be one of those friends of yours. 

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