MY EC MY Story (Part II)

After the creation of my EC you know how people joined my EC ?

Hmm here they are :-


Inna and Kaxo joined like this -:)


Pearl ,Muhammad & Miracle at last find the place for ..... -:) you know what I mean -:)

This is how Hasi joined my EC -:)


When Eric realized that he is in MY EC's main room -:) 

When the seeker has come to know that EC is created, then he began his journey to My EC for joining.


When ASH decided to join my EC -:)

This is how sofia joined the main room -:) 

hah! This is my ever best friend NH when he joined my EC with the burden of idioms -:)


AH  1............2.........3.......... GO (you know this person -:) ) _TK

LaaLaa laaaaaaaa lalalal lalala you all know her -:)

To be Continued ...

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  • SO so so fun 

  • hhhh So Funny ..

    Like it.

  • make this at office AH 1............2.........3.......... GO (you know this person -:) ) _TK haahahahaha so funny :P

  • hahaha yeah ASH I know -:)

  • shah, can't you see what she said ?


  • witty  and  nice  

  • hahahhaha awesomeeeeee

  • Excellent! specially for NH animation. :D   you know enough  better to all, you have keen sight on your friends. lol. I fear to you , :DDD

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