My dog

Hello , at this moment I've a small dog, his name is Bobo.We've had Bobo for one year now. My youngest daughter likes him very much,but my oldest daughter is not so kind to Bobo anymore.She doesn't have the time to walk the dog out anymore. However I love dogs but,I must say that cats are more easy to take care of. Next time I'll take a cat, and I do not have to go out for walk in the evening anymore.


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  • I'll don't ban my cat a hike ban, but he'll go alone. 

    I'll stay at home. ;)




  • I guess you are German. "Mine" is a German word. In English it is "my".
  • hhhh, i see you avoid the troubles you face with your dog requirements for that you tend to bring up a cat, i gradually agree with you, but don't ban on your cat a hike in evening ;)

    Thanks to share with us your troubles in life  and go ahead!!

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