Hope you all are doing great.
Here I am with a new blog.

Creativity:What is creativity? I always had this thought when I was a child I never realized the importance or its value when I was a kid.But as soon as I become a teenager of 14 I started realizing WHAT IS CREATIVITY.

I will not say that I born genius but yes I can say creativity was inside me but I never recognized it.
Here is a little quote I would like to pin in my blog as it is my favorite.
~~Creativity is what helps me escape a lot of my inner demons.~~
The quote actually describing my feelings umm... yes it is describing my feelings.
Creativity can be anything to anyone.It can be fun,peace or hobby for anyone.For me creativity is fun. I can utilize my time in a joyful manner.

        This is a handmade/handcraft jeans bag made by me.This is my creativity.It was my new but useless jeans(pants)as it was torn from the side of knees so I utilized it in a pretty cool way.An idea popped-up in my head to make it a cool handbag once I saw in the market so I give it a try.
To make it work I grab the scissors and started cutting it, then I took a needle and a black thread for stitching.Soon when I completed the stitching I showed it to my mother and she was surprised after seeing it.She gave me idea to decorate it with some manual fabric decorative things to make it look more adorable.
Now anyone can see, it is looking awesome with little flaws.It was fun to me I took just 2 days to complete it as I have other activities too.I did not bought a single thing from the market I just utilized the things I had in my home.

Well it is not the first time I am doing such creative work, I have decorated a whine glass with a piece of maroon velvet fabric
with some small mirrors used to decorate fabrics it was a classy piece of art though.

Mr.Bob,Williams and Tara Benwell thank you so much for encouraging me to write blogs and making me feel to take part
in writing some interesting things.

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  • LOL, u remind me my younger sister :)
  •  ilham phil haha yea thnks :D i can earn money through it :D 

    but I make these things just for fun :) 

  • Tara Benwell and Anele thank you so much for taking a look at my blog :D I was anxiously waiting to see your appreciative comments :)

    TARA dear it was a spelling mistake thanks for drowning my attention towards it I will edit it 

    ANELE dear it was my new jeans it just torn from the sides of knees I made it a bag because it gets useless for me .

  • Wow,that's cool !!
    Your creativity is something that you can earn money
    Keep it up !!! :D
  • Thanks for sharing your creative projects! Fantastic! I hope others will be inspired to do the same. Great writing! 

    English Tip: Check the spelling of "wine glass". Or was this a play on words? ;) 

  • Oh, I wish I could have that bag in my possession.  So uniquely made.  It didn't come into my mind that an old jeans could be remodeled and turned into a very elegant bag.  Very innovative.

    Utilizing your talent and skills is one way of enriching your God-given talents.  I am sure that Someone up there is smiling at your job well done.

    Keep on being innovative, Anah!  The world needs your refreshing ideas!  Thanks for sharing such a rare talent with us!

  •  Arman( Aryan man) thank you :) and yes sure i will share my new work soon :) (i am short of ideas :X :| eh)

  • anah  nice handiwork hope you will share  your new work.

  • sharma thank you so much for appreciating my creativity :)) 

    Adicto Joven wow :D :D superb dear m waiting to see the bag u made :D 

    William yes :) i love utilizing the things i have :) thanks for liking :)

    Rain dear yes i agree with you :) i am glad that you liked it :)

     Vinne thank you :))

    Faisal thank you so much for the appreciation :) 

    Ohnie yeah you did it :D thnks dear :D hahah yep i do have a small waist line :P lol thnks :D

    Optimistic Soul aww thnks so much deary :D 

  • Stranger in the night lol :D hahah thnks for the emotions :D 

    Syed Faisal Ali thank you :)

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