my best friend's birthday

It's my bf's birthday and I have written a ooem for her.Here it goes-The day was as usual very busy,Mrs. Singla was teaching how to make algebra easy.Deepak came in with a big smile,And spoke out loud there admitted a new feminine.All the lads started with their style,To see the new girl in a while.You came in the class asking for books,All I remember is your crazy tomboy looks..You greeted me with a casual hi,And I gave the look which you called wry.Days passed, there was not much interaction,Because you know I didn't want any distraction.We both hadn't interest in Akbar's historyI believe that really improved our chemistry.I was slapped for not remembering Newton's law,I couldn't hide the tears you just saw.You consoled me till the very end,There after you became my best friend.Popcorn discussions on the last bench during Hindi period,I miss those days when we were undoubtedly so weird.Kaakoli ma'am showed a lot of anger,But who cares,we were enjoying the splendor.Some morons were jealous,But we took pride,What they didn't know is Grass was actually greener on our side.Time has changed sharply after the school,A cheese burger alone can no longer make us drool.Fine were those days when we used to do bunk,Now without school, life became a junk.Number of meetings have reduced exponentially,Perhaps the cruel time has played its part successfully.But it doesn't really matter how often we meet,Because the bond in between is impossible to split .You are the best thing that has ever happened to me,Please never ever let me go,it's a plea.No one can make me feel the way you do,My bestest friend, happy birthday to you.
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  • @Dimi yeah a little long but i wanted to cover various things.. Maybe that's why ;)
  • @rajesh bf-best friend as you can see in the title :p
  • Very happy birthday to her!

  • BF or GF, Ajay ? :)

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