My adventure in The MyEC Photo Gallery#1 : Interview


Daniel : During your journey in learning English language, you may face many obstacles or frustrations. How do you overcome them?


Daniel have chosen this caption that submitted by Marzouq.

My congratulation for Marzouq as the winner of My Adventure in MyEC Photo Gallery#1 : interview.

thank you all for your participation.


this adventure was inspired by Wordless Wednesday

Hi all my friends,
Searching unique and interesting photos is my pleasure, and I found one of them.
In this photo Daniel Emmerson was interviewing a girl in Madrid. He seems to need your help ;), can you help him to create a question?

I invite you to join in this adventure of MyEC photo gallery.

the rules :
1_your task is to make a question
2_put yourself in the position as Daniel.
3_feel free, you can ask a joke, funny, serious, weird question ... etc.
4_end this game I ask Daniel to choose one of your interesting questions.

I hope this game can help us to learning english with fun, good luck!

Picture here : Daniel Emmerson's photo

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  • Thanks Selma to take part in this adventure, although too late :)

    play of imagination is a pleasure ...



  • Daniel: You said; travelling was a good solution to overcome fear of speaking. If someone hasn't any opportunity to move abroad. How do theymake compulsory speaking of english ?

    Unfortunately, hobbies, membering of social clubs, friends are not enough to press into speaking.

  • Hello Daniel,

    Thank you for what you have done, a pleasure I can put it together. There are many things we don't get if it is done alone, happiness. one of the most important, your photo has given me an inspiration to create My Adventure more life.


    thank you for everything, Happy New Year!



  • Hello Marzouq,

    you're the winner of My Adventure in MyEC Photo Gallerry#1 : Interview





  • Dear All,

    I am sorry for the delay in posting a winner, but you have all posted such interesting questions :) I can't believe how diverse all of these answers are as well, we have all sorts of topics from changing into fish to meeting God and going to Morocco - well done everyone for having such wonderful imaginations :)


    I particularly liked Jeffrey's speech bubbles I must say :) However, Marzoug has to be the winner because I think he probably came closest to my question!! 


    Thanks to everybody for your input, especially Nadiyah for taking the time for putting it together.


    Best wishes one and all,


  • every month I will post another photo. unfortunately to this adventure, I'm still waiting for a response from Daniel.

    thank you for your attention, Jeffry. like you I also can't wait ;)




  • How many comments must be added to a blog before it is called a choice blog?

    How long will Nadiyah's game last?

  • Wow ... thank you, sweet Lamiye. I would be happy to receive it :)


    thank you for your participations, really I love your interview, you make my days ....



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  • Daniel:--- If you pick up the flower in the magical garden (this flower never lose its colour)

                  whom do you give it?

    The girl:   To Nadiyah.Because it so nice and sweet like flowers

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