My 1st experience of real teaching.

Recalling memories brings lots of happiness accompanied by smiles that may be invaded by some of giggling. That's me when I recall my practicum in a public school. =))

As I was a student of education faculty, I was imposed to teach for 3 weeks in the last year of studying. My bad luck, as I thought, was to teach in a remote city where I had for about 90 students in a class. Yes, 90 Ss in a one small class. You could imagine how difficult is to master such a huge numbers of Ss and how to teach them as well.

I was so nervous and afraid. My 1st real teaching would be in a very difficult situation. I wasn't only worried about how to master them, but I should even speak in English while majority of the students knew nothing about the language other than numbers and Abcs.

There was the challenge! I should do it. Let me confess that I was really in a bad mood those days. I even couldn't wear my smile while I was at home.. Yes, I cried a little when I thought I would fail. =)

First meeting was enthusiastic. I pushed the students up by narrating a real story about myself. The story was about how I learnt English language! =)

I made an agreement with them to work hard and be attention with me so that I would reward them. I could say all students responded to me except  little. Not all of them were excellent but at least they were responding and doing what I asked them to do.

Those students had desire, but such a bad atmosphere kept them down. I believed that students needed to feel that their teacher thought of them and payed an effort for them. I used to color my activities that I brought to them. ( it was so difficult to print colorful papers for such a huge number, so I divided an A4 paper into 2 parts. Also, I applied pair and group work). Coloring the papers attracted them. Once I wanted to delay the quiz, but they didn't agreed. Their love to the papers kicked quizzes' fear out.

I involved them to work together in designing the class, focused on the point of being it neat and clean is the most important thing. ( It wasn't that good design, but at least it brought a pretty happiness to my ss' hearts)

After a week, as I remembered, I made a little quiz which most of the students faild in. I felt so sad.   All my efforts didn't work well. I should do something!! I thought of rewarding those who worked hard and got good marks. Such thing might motivate others to work hard too.

The second day, I started the class with a strict lecture about my disappointments. Then, I made a poster which name of good students were hold on it. Also, I posted attractive stickers on their papers . Such things worked well in pushing my students up. After that, They asked me to repeat the quiz and I would find the change. They worked hard and I could say I saw a difference..


Time has gone so quickly, saying goodbye was needed. My students loved me as I did. They asked me not to leave. I tried to behave wisely to let my students keep going on without me. I worked on building a good relationship with them and their own teacher. I would not stay for them, but their teacher would do. They should love her and feel with the efforts that she paid too. I suggested to them to make a party for their teacher saying THANKS to her. Students loved the idea. (Students love parties and like doing any thing new and active)

We did a party for the teacher. I was surprised when my students made another party for me in my last day. I was about to cry. Not because of the party and the touched words they said, but because they wrote simple English sentences in the cards they had given to me. I was so proud of them   and I could say to myself, " YAY! I did it" =)

Thanks for taking time for reading such a detailed blog.. =))


P.S. the name which has written on the board is the name of their own teacher. =))

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  • Twin!

    I missed this blog! I saw it by a chance!

    You have worked very hard, and you definitely deserved the best. This is what I noticed when I read your lines. You are one of the diligent teachers one ever can have in their life. Your students are really lucky. You have an unique design style and it is really nice to include it in your job. 

    I wish you more success and luck on your new job!

    I know you can do it! Go on Twin! ^^

  • @Ulti, 

    Hello there! 

    Thanks for dropping by and being around to encourage me. 

    BTW- that was my experience while studying not my current job. 

    LOL! I take your advice with my students, I shower them with activities, puzzles, quizzes and so on. Don't worry. =D

    Thanks Ulti.. =))

  • @Expector Smith,

    Thanks for dropping by and featuring my blog. =))

  • @Tara, 

    You're welcome. You know, when I feel a little tired of my current 24 students, I just remind myself of the 90 students. =)

    It was so tiring. Teacher in such situation can't handle them in a perfect way. 

  • @knight of the night,

    You're welcome. Thanks for dropping by. =)

    My students are between 11-13 as I think. It seems you are a teacher. I'd like to read your experience too. =)

  • @Fidan,

    Thanks for sharing your Students' Pic. They are adorable. 

    Students should be involved in a creative way.. It's a little hard but we should keep trying. =)

  • @Hala,

    Yes, I do agree. Warm up is a way to attract students' attention and activate them too.

    I prefer to be changing ways so students don't feel board. 

    Thanks dear Hala for meaningful comment. 

    I'm happy to read your lovely encouragement.. Wish you the same dear. =))

  • @Ha Nguyan,

    You know, students are used to their own teachers so they don't except to be taught with another one, especially when they know that the new one is a trained teacher. Some students don't even respect them. 

    Teaching is something tough. However, it is enjoyable.. The reaction of students bring either our happiness or sadness.. =)

    Thanks Nguyan. I wish you a bright future full of happiness.. =))

  • @Sandeep,

    Wow! I'm speechless.. To start your comment with such a quote, it means a lot. It even let me to be more careful..

    Thanks Sandeep. I'm glad that you like the blog. =)

  • @Nida,

    You draw a smile on my face.. Thanks a million.

    You really pushed me up.. Students are so sensitive even if they don't show that up. They love their teachers even if she don't do lots of things.

    Yes, I made the poster to post the name of excellent students. 

    You're welcome. I should thank you for your awesome words that really encourage me. =)

    Call me as you want. Either pearl or Ymn. :D

    Happy that you want to know more about kids in Old Sana'a. It's my pleasure to do it. I will try to post a blog about them and I will let you know. =)

    Thanks again and again.. =))


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