Must-Read TOEFL Idioms List

If you are preparing for the TOEFL, you must know that you need to practice well for the conversation, writing, as well as speaking tests. How do you do that? Given below is a very helpful list of idioms along with its VIDEO EXAMPLES that you must keep in mind to be able to score high marks in the TOEFL test:

1. I couldn’t help (

2. On the verge of (

3. Fill me in (

4. I am through (

5. Add up (

6. Give me the rundown (

7. Cut-throat competition (

8. See the work through (

9. It is feasible (

10. This item is (

11. Sells like hot cakes (

12. Look it up (

13. Got it all planned out (

14. Lucked out (

15. Speak your minds (

16. On top of that (

17. We spread out (

18. All tied up (

19. Keep an eye on (

20. Stuck in traffic (

21. Time is ticking away (

22. We talked on the phone (

23. Think it over (

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