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Hello everybody. 

Direct to the point. Many people say that if you have fun while you are learning, you learn the most. However, many people find the process of learning English difficult, frustrating, and in some cases boring. The point is why not: you go to a class room, revise some grammar rules, rehearse some pronunciation patterns, and fulfill some exercises on grammar and vocabulary. Moreover, people, in several cases, don't have time to go every day for 2 hour to a classroom after a day of work. My suggestion to face this is try to use things that you like for learning. In my case, I use music and TV,

Using music helps me a lot with my pronunciation, English collocations and getting vocabulary. Also, music relax me a lot and there are some scientific evidence that shows up that music activates some parts of your brain that will help you to learn more and get more concentrated. My suggestions is that you must start with soft songs and then, try some more difficult. However, if you are particularly interested in a specific genre, go for it. What I do with music is very easy. First, I listen to the song and try to get a general understanding of the song. Then, I listen to the song and try to write down the lyrics. After that, I download the lyrics and compere with what I got. Finally, I sing the song many times and focus myself on any particular word I find difficult to pronounce or vocabulary I don't know. Sometimes, I pick a song and sing with a karaoke version to upload it on want my favorite groups here on englishclub.

Another way for learning English is using TV and TV shows. If you have a particular show that you like to watch, go online and find a place where you can see it on streaming. In my case I really like watching The Big Bang Theory. For me it is hilarious. Watching TV let you be exposed to real and authentic English. Besides, you are going to be exposed to different accents, idioms, expressions and slang. At the beginning you can have caption, in English of course, and going with the time you can  start watching the show without it. 

In conclusion, have fun while you learn. This is the most important thing. the more you are exposed to English the better. The more motivated you are the more you are going to learn. 

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  • @Expector Smith. You don't need to have a lot of time to watch a Show. As I have said, go online and see a page where you can find a favorite series and look at them when you have some time. Maybe, once a week it will help. 

  • you are right, learning through musics and movies are good and effective ways to learn english.

  • I wish I had time to watch all the American TV shows.

  • Yes, learning through tv series is one fun way to learn English. 

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