" money can buy everything?"

 hi everyone. This is topic of my excercise. I hope that you will read it and give me some advice. I really need your corections. thank you all!

Money can buy everything???

 As you know, money plays a crucial role in our life because we can not live without money. People need money maintain their lives. If we do not have  money, we can not buy food, clothes and other necessary things we need for studying, entertaining and working. However, in my opinion, money can not buy everything. No one can deny that money is a very important part in our life, because when we have much money, we can possess many things, for example: houses, cars, a position of power and the fame… These things can satisfy our needs, our desires but they do not always make us feel happy and peaceful in our mind.  Because, if people care more about money and possessions than anything else, they will be always  worried about earning money and keeping their money. Sometimes it makes them have trouble with physical and psychological stress. Therefore, they do not have much time to enjoy their lives and care for any others. Moreover, there are many things money can not buy. Money can buy a big house, but not a home. Money can buy a high position, but not a respect. Money even can buy a person, but not the love. Today, when the world becomes more and more materialistic , many people have tendency to connect with the physical world rather than the spirit. But they do not realize that money can not bring happiness because happiness does not depend on the quantity of money but on the way how we think about it and use it. The right use of money may bring us a comfortable life and a cheerful heart. In conclusion, money is an indispensible part in our life but it is not everything because family, friends and love are the only thing which can bring us the true happiness.


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  • In my opinion, every thing has its own meaning and price! When you have this one, you don't have the other one. It's difficult to reach for all the things u want, and even if u can reach for them for a while, it will much more difficult to keep then in your hands forever! But all of us are owners of our lives! we can choose the way the live, and reach for the things important for them! so when people choose some thing, they have to accept its profit and loss!
  • Nice blog! Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.....
  • Hello! It's very nice post for thinking. There are words of Wisdom ' Value time over money -

             only time can not be replenished."

  • Yeah, almost every thing - good or bad,  :))  so what is meaning of making money ???  why People flock into topping up their purse ?   

  • Yes, almost everything - good or bad!
  • I applaud you indeed, i liked your blog so so so much your words and expression impressed me because every sentence i read, i felt its depth and true meaning it refers and how you insist to build life bised on love, respect and sacriface more than benefits..........

    Thank you for this thoughtful blog, and im anxious to read your next.

  • You are right, it's very nice what you write, money don't make you happy,
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