Missing you

In the darkness of the night
Nothing is bright
I hear a voice
Inside me calling

I missed you so
And a long time ago
Come close to me
stay beside me
for eternity

please send me free
and make me flee
From hurt and pain
Of the unknown

Whispered in my ear
Don't shed a tear
Now I am here
Forget your fear

I miss you too.



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  • Thank you to all my friends and readers who gave very nice and supporting comments.

    This poem was written last year one of the first poems I wrote and maybe the first one.

    It was reviewed by my dear friend Bill the English teacher who was one of the first friends that convinced me to continue writing. I posted it almost ten months later because it is a dedicate thought to all of you my friends.

    Thanks again.

  • lovely poem dedicated to ones beloved.

    thanks for sharing it with us Nebie.


  • Dear Nebia,
    This poem is cute. It's really nice if we can see the light at the end of the tunnel but we can't so we really have to hope for something good. I think that's the thrill of life. :)
    very sweet love story. :)
    Thanks Nebia
    Take care.

  • With a hug like this,

    even a cold heart would melt

    With a words like this,

    even hidden feelings will be felt

    And with a poem like this....

    Distance of two hearts could be met..


    Simply a heartfelt lines!


  • Very nice,Nebia!
  • It's my voice, sister

    I called and missed you ... 



  • What a beautiful poem! I admire you.  Thanks a lot of.
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