Miss you


It has been a long time when The Chubby Hen left her village. she really missed her friends.  she was getting thin. She was suffering from homesick. Although she enjoyed her new house but her hometown was a best place to live in. Then she decided to come back home.

A few days later she packed her clothes. she only brought some important things. The pink and the red clothes, sunglasses and her favorite  black nail polish. She didn't forget to  bring  some mangos from her yard because she knew that she had to pass a very long and wild forest. She didn't want to die because of hunger. She also brought  her favorite perfume because she would meet 3 handsome crocodiles, her friends. she wanted to look perfect when she met them.

After walking hours she reached the bank of the river. She found no crocos there. She walked around then she screamed loudly...Croco..Croco..Croco....

All are silent ...The leaves of the trees shutted up, the water in the river slept tightly. She started to get afraid. She cried again,”Croco..Crocoooo..are you there... Do you hate me... I know I cheated you. I am sorry.I won't do it again.” Why does  everybody leave me? No one loves me anymore.” She talked to herself.

Not long after that she listened a sound of waving water. She saw something get closer to her. Leo The Croco was coming....

"Is that you Leo The Croco? You look very thin, dirty and weak. I have been waiting for you for hours. where are Haya The Croco  and Ro The Croco.  I miss them". The Chubby Hen asked.

"Chubby Hen, don't you know they were caught and sent into a jail by the guard of EC Rys Mr. He is not young anymore but he has good memory in grammar and he has a power here". Leo The Croco said slowly in a deep sorrow.

"How was it happened?"

"They scared many members here especially girls and they often made grammatical error, so members didn't chat anymore in main room when they are here".

"How long will the punishment be over, I worry. He has changed them into bag, purse, belt and shoes?" Asked Chubby Hen.

"More than six months", said Leo The Croco.

"Alright, would you like to cross me, Leo The Croco, as a reward I will help you to release your friends", said The Chubby Hen.

Without spending much time, she went in a hurry to Rys mr's hut. It looked a very nice one, but a little bit dark inside. Rys welcomed Chubby Hen warmly.

"I bring some sweetest mangos in the world, Rys mr", she said when Rys mr was opening the door

"It is a very nice of you", he complimented The Chubby Hen.

Rys enjoyed the mango. Then he asked her to give him more because he was still hungry.

"There is only one left Rys, I am also hungry. But, I will give it to you with one condition,” said The Chubby Hen

"Rys, I am suffering for a long time, I have no family and the friends that I have went away. I miss them so much. Can you give me your hand?"

"Sure, I have a power here. What do you want little Hen?" Asked Rys.

"Let my friends Haya The Croco and Ro the Croco go!" Said Chubby Hen.

How is it possible changing two crocodiles with a mango?




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  • I like hens but I hate crocodiles. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Dara, I hope you don't hate "Croco Gank".  All the memberr are cute, especially 'fecroc"


  • Where is the rest of the story ?

    A very interesting, knitted very beautifully.

    • Thanks so much Mishaikh. Unfortunately I didn't keep the copy. I wrote it around a year ago.


  • HAhahaha....OMG.....THE Chubby Hen is back )))) So gladly glad to see her )))

    Love reading your stories, Lovely TatuTorus The Sleepy. 

    Don't be said, sweet hen,...they have gone...but I am sure they will be back soon. ))))Who can stay far from the EC page for a long time? ))))

    Looking forward to hearing about new adventures of the Chubby Hen with black nails )) ))

    • Thanks O.M. I hope i will get a new idea soon.


  •    It's a nice story about losing friends  . But I think you are using the names of the English Club members in it  , am I right ? 

    • Thanks Rosemary, You are right,


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