It's easy to find a mirror hanging in some walls , some corners or use these small round ones in our burses . To check our clothes , faces , make up or even weep our tears .
But we don't have mirrors where we can saw the reflection of our behaviors , mood or mental states . Where can we head to fix our self emotions , to care for our little things and hide them from the people around us .
The others are your mirror . Have you ever thought of this ?
Many spend their life journey looking after their soul mates . None of them have ever wondered about meeting his mirror. Some people cross like a lightening a mid a storm to show you, your deep inner self .
         It's there catch it and take a long glance , a shocking one .
I remember when I used to talk and laugh a lot just to escape my miserable relationship all these bad days , were reflect again . When I saw a woman doing the same strategy to over come her pain . She was my mirror I saw my self in her . Trying to find a refugee in making choas of chat a shit talks , thinking that others are listening or caring about me . She was my mirror and was there to reveal an illusion about other people caring . I was assuming that they care . This was a remedy I made for myself .
    Sometimes , you see your own velounerbility in the mirror someone , your fragility clearly exposed in a person in a certain situation . You see yourself with all your sufferings . There it's your turn to look to the mirror and help or to shut your eyes and ignore it .

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  • Mirror shows what our appearance is, but there is another mirror, which shows what our soul is 

    which only we can see.  No matter how enchanting our appearance and how much it is praised by the onlookers and/or by ourselves,

    can we hide the wounded bleeding soul.  What the mirror you have mentioned shows this. 

    •   Very nice Mishaikh  :) 

           Thanks a lot 

  • My dear friend, Mary the Rose....You are the best blog writer of this University...!.. Bravo.. Plus, You are a great teacher of English,,,I read your blogs like my daily gazettes...!...Alright, The Rose...What is CHOAS ?.....attantion !

    •   :)  many thanks dear Adriano for all your encouragement  . Your words mean alot for me  ....

          Have a nice happy day :) 

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    • A very logical comment... Good job !...


  • Wish of the MIRROR

    I am a mirror

    I show them the faces

    which they bring before me.

    Now I got tired and wish

    Somebody would see me in the way

    that I would break into pieces.

    •      A great deep poem  :) 

          Have a nice and happy day Mishaikh  :) 

    • Great,,,  Bravo... I liked

  •     My dear English Club friends Roman , Smile and Rose :) 

       Thank you all for your inspiring words  . I have enjoyed reading your view points about the topic 

  • Hi Rosemary!

    Let me add one more thought about other people being our mirrors.

    The usual mirrors are mysterious indeed! We sometimes try to change the angle of view to see a better reflection. But they are passive themselves, they won't do anything without our presence. On contrary, the people who are our mirrors are alive and maybe that's why we can see our reflection better, and from all the angles. And that's why the reflection can sometimes be too strong.

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