Mimi The Turtle

This is Mimi, a survivor of the last strong earthquake on September 19th 2017. Mimi lost his home; a glass aquarium that fell down and broke into a hundred pieces.

That time, everything happened so fast, and everyone was running to get outside as soon as they possibly could, but I couldn't leave Mimi and the other fish behind, so I went back for them, however despite the floor being slippery due to all the splattered water, and the latent danger of many pieces of broken glass spread everywhere, I managed to quickly roll up a rag in my hands and take Mimi and the other fish into a bucket with some water, while the earthquake was stopping.

Nowadays, all of those tropical fish have passed away, but Mimi is still there, smiling and wanting to have a sunbath everyday. When the weather is nice, I take it from its new glass aquarium and I put it into a large plastic tub to let it enjoy the evening sun in my backyard.

We are both survivors in one way or another, we have gone through difficult times and we have survived. Friends are still there to help us and give us a hand when the going gets more difficult, or when things are going out of control. Sometimes, when we feel that everything has come to an end, that we've reached life's final curtain, a friendly hand appears to help us in the last moment.

So, everyday when I see Mimi, I remember that everyone deserves a second chance to be happy in this world.


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  • Hello MARY thanks for stopping by this blog. I will follow your advice pouring more water into the tub :) I am sure Mimi will like it a lot!

  • Oh, this is a story as cute as hard. If Mimi could talk, she'd thank you for saving her and for these times you let her enjoy of a good sunbathing to warm her cold blood... And I'm sure she'd feel even more grateful if you could pour some more water in that container, so that could allow Mimi to swim; and a bigger stone where she could rest and enjoy her sunbathing time :)

    Cool story, thanks for sharing!

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