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    İnterestingly, it reminded me Ayvazovsky’s seas.

    İn fact totaly different from each other. Ayvazovsky’s seas are wild usually . This sea has a calm soul .
    I think the common point of both is have uncertain endings .

    But Ayvazovsky’s seas remind us of hope, and this of despair .
    Both views are reality of our life.
    But sure this sea is more poetic .

    My preference is Ayvazovsky's sea :) not so poetic like this but more artistic than it :) 

    Hey Mayumi , thanks :) you reminded me many things .

  • Mayumi, saya senang bahagiya dengan melihat nya!. The scene reminds me of Rod Stewart's song, Sailing. Thanks for sharing.

    • The first sentence is like....!?!$

      Sailing is a good song....

      Sailing, I am sailing, Stormy waters......thanks, Dara.

  • Yeah, We have to have our patience in time of danger. There is a saying that " A watched pot never boils." But we have to keep watching to reach our aspirant destination.

    • Thanks for the interpretation, Sha. Never heard of this saying but it is really true. 

    • Indeed, how true, Shah, the same applies to milk, you stand by it and keep an attentive eye on won't boil over - not for all the tea in China, but just try to give a furtive glance out of the window - you will immediately smell burnt milk, caramba!


      • Furtive. New word for me. Thanks for commenting, Rys. 

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