Hi, everyone! To my great regret, I have to post this blog after recieving the unbelievable information about Mary's being banned.

I sincerely want to know what is going on here! Since when are we not allowed to express our minds or to share our observations and life experience? Since when have we started to be banned because of speaking about clothing? I haven’t read Mary’s last blog but I do know its content and I know Mary well enough. She is one of the brightest, smartest, most creative and knowledgeable people on EC. Each of her blogs was like a bright sparkle on the dull firmament! Yes, she is straightforward but aren’t you bored with all the hypocrites you are surrounded by? Don’t you want to know what people really think about you? She is independent and confident but do you really think that the only woman’s wear is a night gown and an apron? She may be tough but she has to be that way to survive in the world where most of men still want to be superior. And, yes, she is an ATHEIST because she is smart enough not to believe. Is it a true reason? Then, let me say that both my wife and I are confirmed atheists and always take part in the discussions related to religion. Although such discussions are prohibited on EC, there are many of them and I have never come across any posted by Christians or atheists, only Christmas congratulations! So, what does it mean?
Well, I haven’t read that damned blog but I am sure about what Mary wanted to say as one of my best EC friends, a Muslim woman told me. Mary is Spanish and the Western world knows that Spain and Italy are the most religious Catholic countries till now. However, even there people wear what is in fashion. Our wear has nothing to do with religion or our traditions, it is tribute to haute couture. So, speaking about ladies’ wear, I DISLIKE MUSLIM WOMEN WRAPPING THEIR BODIES FROM HEAD TO TOES. I DISLIKE IT! I DISLIKE THAT MUSLIM COUNTRIES ARE AGAINST HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGES, EPHTANAZIA, ABORTHINS AND FIRST OF ALL, EQUAL WOMEN RIGHTS!
My country was the same but it has recognized its mistakes. ALL people are equal and free and ALL points of view MUST be spoken out and discussed unless they may stir up national/race/religious hatred or war.
Well, I am really upset, indignant and disappointed. If the real world has become more tolerant to our differences, why to live through the 60-70s again in the network?
Back to Mary. It is so unfair! If you banned her, you should ban me as I have always supported and will always support her and all other atheists here. My wife signs under this message, too. Ban us both and we will create another site for those who are ready to accept the world as it is!
You decided to get rid of Mary as she was able to say much more than you want to hear!

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  • Why some people want to make trouble and eager to disturb others?! MYEc is a nice place, to learn to teach, really upsetting!

  • Zina, I said my word! I will not delete your acrimonious comments so that others could read them and  estimate you at your true worth. Good luck!

  • Zina, it is MY blog and I AM its MASTER! Although my European friends can easily stand up for themselves, such behavior like yours is inadmissible in ANY modern society. Your reputation is well-known here. And if you don't stop offending my friends and me, I will surely report you. Just SHUT UP and GET OUT of my blog! Don't drive me crazy and let me do my work so that my laboratory in the center of the ancient city wouldn't blow up because of my hot temper! If you don't have any respect to people, just have some respect to the ancient culture!

  • Ok, Zzina. Then, I will shut up because the wiser gives way. No one is able making me losing my temper.

  • Hello Zzina. Everyone who knows me here, also knows I am mostly considerate and I don't like to be harsh or impolite. But now I want to say: "Zzina...shut up! It's enough now! Don't create an endless loop!!!" Do you get me?

    Everyone should care for himself. Don't point to others.

  • Mary, oh....so you just did it for that reason! Well, I did not know that and I had not read Lady Noor's that blog too as I mostly did not read her blogs....but I read yours so I just wondered why Mary wrote in this way and where she got that type of translation and I also wondered thinking you got wrong translation. Now it is clear to me....anyway we all were thinking why you got banned and I thought whether it was a reason! But, why did you go for copying her style why did not you tell the Admin in another way, anyway may be situation demanded it, who knows?!

  • Zina dear, respect the rules yourself and stop spamming all these boring nonsense.

  • Danny, I've told you already but I don't mind to repeat it again and again: thank you so much for all your support.
    I've already explained some things in Luci's blog, so I'm not gonna repeat myself again; now I only want to show my gratitude to you and Tanya for all your support; I'm never gonna forget that, thanks a million.

    Thanks Svitlana, I'm happy someone remember what I was writting in that blog: supporting people who wants to wear anything they want, no matter if they wanna wear bikini 24/7, cover themselves from top to bottom or wear a hat full of fuits like Carmen Miranda. Is that a message that deserves to be deleted?. I admit i got mad and rude for that and probably I deserved to be suspended for what L.N. called 'my street language' (that I censored myself later), but still I think and defend that it was unfair to delete that blog.

    bet and SNR, i repeat again that the blog you mention was only written with the intention to copy the same rules/style as L.N's blogs. I did it to provoke: Yes. I did it to force moderators to delete L.N's blog if they wanted to delete mine?: Yes. That was my only intention and I got it. Moderators/Admin hid L.N's blog and mine and that was fair. Nothing to add there, so why do you still complain? That blog is hid (as I expected)! What else you want? And in any case, that blog wasn't the problem of anything that happened next (I've explained the rest in Luci's blog)

    Zina, how nice of you... Is funny that the last time we talked in the chat room you were telling me how much you liked to read my stuff in EC. But oh well... I guess when the cat is away the mouse dance XD

    Thanks again to all of you who had nice words for me and wanted me come back here again.

  • But, I think at least we should try to change our viewes to some extent if we can understand they are wrong.....sorry to write again....pardon, please and keep smiling....

  • Great! But why have you surrendered?Getting older? Or wiser? ROLF!  

This reply was deleted.