Dear Learners,

This is your MAJOR EXAM.  This exam is a bit harder than all the quizzes that you have just answered.  It will run for only 3 days.  Your score will be revealed on May 2, 2014.  To get a very good score, it is best for you to have a review first of all the lessons before taking up the exam.  The following icons below when clicked, will lead you to the three lessons involved:

If you are ready and you think you can make it, read first the WARNING before taking up the exam.  May you all pass the exam!

WARNING:  Write all your answers in the comment box.   Be sure that you have followed all the instructions properly before pressing the "Add Comment" button.  Your first entry will always be considered as the final answer.








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  • I need your help to spend some times to check against my answer …There I made few mistakes for box 1…1) Made from i/o made of 5) during  i/o  for and box 2, laid i/o lie (lie, it was typo mistake/error, indeed it is a lame excuse ..hahahaha ) i.e. means three mistakes and marks is coming 17 i/o 16.

    would you pls take the effort to clear my confusion? Thanks in advance for your nice co-operation always.

  • We have to Thank you Anele Dear... U made our Learning filled with play and joy.. Really, here am feeling like a kindergarten kid... THANKS A LOT TO U... PLEASE KEEP GOING, as we want this Teacher always and want to be ur student always and for all vacations... 

  • Let's have fun learning together again on my NEXT VACATION.  Thank you so much dear Learners!

  • Exam-1

    1. made from

    2. Sensitive

    3. whom

    4. bring up

    5. passed

    6. during

    7. salary

    8. already

    9. lend

    10. all ready

    Exam - 2

    1. laid   , lay

    2. effective,   efficient

    3. during,   for

    4. lose,   loose

    5. fit,  suit

    SORRY FOR THE DELAY..... i finished it in a worrying for the mistakes....

  • I am waiting to know my score, so exciting! My working time is running out for today..just few min later I have to return back at home.. as I don't have net facility at home, so to know the result have to wait till the day after tomorrow.

    Thanks Anele for all the support.

  • hihihi...sure my lovely Teacher. It's really hard for me. If I want to join ...mean hahaha...I need to learn one year more. So I think 2015 is good.

    About your punishments...brrrrrr...I'm so fear. lol...

  • MAJOR EXAM will temporarily close and will not be able to accept answers or comments later this afternoon for the purpose of checking your works.  

    THE RESULT is expected to be posted late this evening.

    Thank you.  You still have 15 hours left to participate this EXAM.

    Good luck, LEARNERS!

  • Thanks Mickey.  It was a typo.  What a sharp observation!

  • exam1

    1-made of 2- sensible 3- whom 4- bring up 5- past 6- during 7- salary 8- i.e 9-lend 10- all ready


    1- lay -laid 2- effective - efficient  3-during - for 4- lose - loose 5- fit - suit

  •                                                        Quiz 1:
    1. made from;
    2. sensible;
    3. whom;
    4. bring up;
    5. passed;
    6. during;
    7. wage;
    8. i.e.;
    9. lend;
    10. all ready.

                                                            Quiz 2:
    1. laid, lay;

    2. effective, efficient;

    3. during, for;

    4. lose, loose;

    5. fit, suit.

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