Luci's Handwriting Challenge

PS: Something about the sketch of a black cat and a Snow Globe on the cat’s head. Please don’t feel confused when you see it. They were two avatars Luci used to show us in the past few weeks. And when I was drawing it this morning, I didn’t know she had changed it already. So forgive me that I didn’t catch your latest news. 

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  • I do not have the words to tell you how special you are Jade.  You not only have a have a gift.  

  • Excellent work, Really it is nice to keep memories, I would like to use my handwriting but I can't draw any. 

    Wish to see more posts. 

  • Fantastic!

  • This is the nicest letter I read until now. I really like your decoration!

  • My pleasure dear! 

    Be blessed! :))

  • Hi, Noaslpls. That’s very kind of you to say so. How I wish I were as cute as Thumblina! Ha-ha!

    Thank you for dropping by. I appreciate your compliment.

  • Reading your note, I can't help from feeling that you're as cute as your avatar and that little figurines that your drew. 

  • Dear Anah! Woooowww! What a small world! Although we never met and live very far from each other, we have so much in common! Why didn’t I know you earlier? Hope we can share more sketches with each other as a communication between two lovely hearts. Now I really feel that friends get closer in the handwriting challenge. Thank you, my dear!

  • Oh my God, this is the sweetest letter I've read in this challenge... You know I also keep all the hand written letters of my friends in a wooden box and from time to time I read them and I start feeling nostalgic. Your sketching is lovely. How beautiful it would be to tell you that I too love sketching and doodling and I used to sketch different things on my notebook back when I was in school and college. I really loved your letter dear. It's pretty much like seeing my reflection?!

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Be blessed!

  • Dear Elen! Thank you! Your really give me confidence to show my drawings in EC. Ha-ha. I like the feet drawing too. Thank you so much for your nice words. You encourage me a lot! By the way, join the challenge with us, if you have time, my dear.

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