Love Your Parents

This blog is dedicated to my friend & my sister whose parents had passed away a few years ago.

" It has been so long, a decade and a half. I'd say your memories are fresh in my mind, But they are not, they've started to fade as time goes by. I have forgotten the feel of the word "mom" on my tongue and my lips. I cannot say it anymore. It kills me to say this word!
I cannot recall your face, or the way you used to talk, whenever I think about you I have to recreate the images and the sound of your voice in my mind. I imagine what would you look like, if you were alive! What sort of a relationship we might have had? But even after all these years, in times of loneliness and desperation I call out your name, not intentionally. It just happens.
I wish I had gotten the chance to be with you a little longer, but I know that it's a good place that you are in now. I have two guardian angels in the heavens, looking out for me. Guiding me along the way, praying for me. Life would have been much better if these angels were here with me, in flesh and blood,
If I could touch them and hear their voice and feel their presence. I will always love you.

And I miss you both. Now more than ever! " 

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  • nice one.

  • When this body came out in this world
    Embracing me and kissing my cheeks at the first than the others, gave me endless caring.
    Through lifeline, all her love flowed into my body and when smiling into her bosom, just my mother who used to forget all trouble!
    Though starving herself, put the edible thing into my mouth,
    Though she was ragged, wrapped me warmly.
    Oh, my mother! generous my mother! who let me toddled the first step in my life by hand in hand
    I can't survive without this mother.
    My mother is the best for me in the world.

  • We will all go the ultimate destination. Each of us has his or her own time; theirs just came ahead. What is important is that we lived with them.

  • really nice,, My father also passed away two years ago. But i have fresh memories of him, his talks, his style and his advises to me. I can't ever forget him at any step of life. He is alive in my heart.

  • Really impressive article.

    I love mom so much, too, so not only had never imagined but also even don't like to try to do for my parents to pass away.

    I am a man to survive by myself, now.
    But Being with my mom, feel for me very childish kid.
    particularly, my mom is very humorous, so my life without her would be like the sad world.

    then very miserable because my mom's health is getting worse due to her blood pressure and i have been being far away from her for long days.

    Thanks for ur touching blog as a representative of all  devoted people for their parents

  • May the souls rest in Peace Amen !

    Shah your blog says a lot things which comes purely from heart ....... :) 

    Everyone has to go but we need to brave and move forward in our lives and you know their blessings are always with us wherever they are :)

    May god bless you ! 

  • Thank for your sharing. It's so great. In this world, no one is better than our parents. They give us a lot but didn't take back anything. In truth, We're so busy with work and others relationships  and forget ourselves family . I believe they living rest of peace in heaven.

     God bless you!

  • Your blog makes me cry dear. Now I got married and I just come back to visit my parent only one day/year. Terrible. I miss them so much

  • Speechless 

  • The thing I fear the most, when my father died, that I will forget his face, his mannerism, his advice and other simple things. Now even after so many years, I'm glad that I still can recall his face even without looking at the photo. My siblings and I can still about him and his sometime quirk nature with fondness. So, even after so many years, I think the deep love that we had with our father is making us still remember him.

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