Love you Mom!

Yesterday I was suffering from fever, from the morning.  With much difficulty I attended the duty and when I reached  the home I was almost exhausted.  My temperature has gone up.  I am not in a position to stand up and I told my wife to bring some medicines for me.  She did so.  In the mean time I thought that I will talk to my Mom over phone since she is with my brother in a far away place.  I called my Mom informed about my health condition.  She with a lot of frustration told me to visit the Doctor immediately and take very good care and if required she will visit me.   I took the medicine and took rest for about 2 hours.  When I got up I was almost recovered and it's all because of the Prayers of my Mom, I can say.  

I though that I will inform her that I got recovered.  When I took the phone to call her, there was a call from her.  I got overwhelmed for the coincidence and with much excitement I spoke to her.  I am very proud to have such a caring and loving Mother.  She always thinks about us only and ignores her. When she is with me, I used to quarrel a lot with her and now I feel that I miss her a lot.  In my view Mother's love for a child irrespective of their age cannot be compared or valued.  

May be there is nothing impressive in this story, but I felt that I was verymuch blessed to have such a caring and loving.  Here I recollect the song "one love for the mother's pride...." 

Love you Mom!!  

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  •  I love my mom too...

     A mother can take care ten of her children but all her children are probably are unable to care of her. Mother always praying the best for her child...LOVE U MOM FOREVER

  • Mother knows best!  If a child can forget his mother, a mother will never be able to forget her child whom she carried for 9 months in her belly.  

    Her love is incomparable since she sacrificed a lot for the sake of bringing another life into the world.

    No one can be greater than her.

  • Thanks Jasmine for the wonderful picture!

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