Love Marriage in India !!!!!!!

Hello guy, it's my first blog, i am trying to learn good english. ok come to my Post named love marriage in india,. Love Marriage around the world is simple. 

Boy loves girl and Girl loves boy. after all ! They get married.

But in india There are few more steps -

Boy loves girl and Girl loves boy

Boy's family have to love girl

Girl's family have to love boy

Boys's family have to love girl's family

on the contrary, Girl's family have to love boy's family

Boy & girl still love each other

They get married

Sometimes They have to convince their parents to convert their love story to arrange marriage.

Sometimes they have to sacrifice their life for love

It's hard to understand their feeling about love.

If you want to more about love marriages in india . Chatan Bhagat's best selling novel named 'Two states' will help you understand better than my Blog . lol Keep me inspire giving me your thoughts about my blog bay....... try to another blog about indian culture 

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  • Hello kevin liu, you wrote the fifth step happens in china , 5- all of them have to loves flats, what is this they love to flats than girl or boy lol

  • Thank you Atul. If you say so, I'm sure I will read that, on my coming holiday, long holiday, soon. :)

  • onee chan, you want to get link , here it is :-

    whenever You will read this novel, you will enjoy it a lot i bet , i like it so much

  • Atul:

    this the best summary for the indian marriage step. in china, i have added last step 5, how's your comments? LoL:

    1, the girl loves a boy or a boy loves a girl

    2, the girl’s  parents have to loves the boy

    3, the boy’s parents have to loves the girl

    4, the girl’s parents have to loves the boy’s family

    5, all of them have to loves flats.

  • I have lots of indian friends whom got married, they're in arranged marriage. i know very well about love and arranged marriage in india. most of the time its the arranged marriage is being done. One of my friend said that he's been in an arranged marriage with a girl he didnt love, but after sometime of being together he came to love his wife. And my indian bestfriend got married, and as usual, its on arranged marriage too. I really got surprised when he told me that he's already married after weeks of not in contact with me. He said he doesnt love his wife, and he wanted to be with the girl he loves, he didnt even like the physical appearance of his wife and he felt so sorry for himself as he thinks that he's so unlucky to have her and to live with the one he doesnt love. I really dont know what to say to him as i dont like arranged marriage too, i just told him to have time with his wife and learn to love her even if, I, myself didnt like the idea of it. Congratulations for your first blog Atul!

  • Is the novel "Two States" written in English? Would you give the link of its e-book? If any. I think I want to read. :)

    Thanks for sharing. Here has the same culture, but maybe not too strict.
  • Welcome!

  • Welcome to the world of EC bloggers. I believed in many Asian countries, the blessing of both families are important for any marriage. Over here, we always believed that marriage that is not being blessed by any parents will not end with happiness.

  • Omg! If this amount of people must agree to get a marriage in my country many of us would stay single for ever :D
    Thanks a lot Atul and congrats for your blog. I like to know about other traditions. Keep it up!
  • Dear friend congratulations for your first blog.This the way I'm also learning.
    Your blog is very good information about your culture for us.
    But when we compare with other asian countries culture this is little bit different.we can sacrifice our love because of parents but how can we sacrifice our life because of a love.
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