Is love chosen? So  we can choose with our minds?! Or it is an uncontrolled heart feeling!! 

Answer it,please. 

And if you have fallen in a forbidden love, just tell me how could you heal from it. 

Seriously it is a matter that I struggle with through years not a day ; I wish I could find a solution.


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  • Firstly it depends on person and situations and secondly get away from it is , going to new places  like travelling , hiking,gardening  or so and be busy with things that you are interested in and thirdly self confidence and avoid going to past memories that hurts and it takes hard to practise but time will heal them.

    Have  a nice time

  • yes love is chosen, if its forbidden, u must forget it coz its forbidden, and u have to go through the not forbidden one, as simple as that ^_^

  • there are no forbidden loves but heartbreak solutions. 

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