Love, what is the secret that lies behind that word? I always try to avoid talking or even mentioning it. Of course, the subject needs more than a blog to write about. Naturally, we have to include the general concept of the word.  It is a feeling of liking someone or something very much.  They say that love is a feeling of deep regard, devotion and fondness. A strong feeling of affection, attraction and eagerness, you name it, a strong desire to be with someone, and share feelings. I tried it two or three times quite a few years back, and I was hit in the tank, as they say.  The experience was very hard for me. The question, why was it so important or necessary for us? Can we live without it? Here, I am speaking generally about love. The love of money, my mother and my work, ,,, etc.  

The answer is very simple.  We need it badly. Most crimes of the world happened because of it. Many sacrifices were done because of it. No need to mention the man who killed another man because he took his love from him, or the young man who committed suicide because his girl married another one. The list is very long. Again, the question, why is it so necessary for us? Of course, we cannot use hate as a substitute, can we?

Some people say that the love of the country is from the love of the woman. I wonder if that supposition is true or no! We have heard about one of the kings of France who gave up the throne for the woman he loved. The first time I fell in love, I tried to resist it. I used to swim against the stream but it was indeed very painful and difficult. The current was very strong. I was week. The second time, I convinced myself that I had to surrender.  I need you guys to write about love. Someone will definitely come out with the big article. It's a challenge, let's do it. 

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  • Yindi Pint! You deserve more than that. Thanks for your delicate feelings. 

  • I'm so happy with your compliment Dara Gino, Thank you.

  • Aish hatha ya Rosemary? Hum ahl Attaif taibeen. Ahib Alhada. Thanks for giving us different meanings of love. Some people think that love is only sex. Others think it is a feeling of deep regard devotion and fondness for the person we cherish. Thanks Rosemary.
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  •   Love is like religion it is an important  factor in our lives  . However,  few only few practice  it right  and do it  , it is human nature  at the end there is no perfection  or a role model  in the case  of love . There are some ventures  here and there :) . About men and women  love  it is one of the most mistakes and misused concepts  . I think there is desires  and cranal needs only coz love goes beyond beauty or attractiveness  or being sexy in his / her eyes  . Nevertheless,  are some cases of love between  both gender , but I never saw it so far . Other types of love like country  , kids , parent , and people  love is there and more longer coz  they are free from the lust and desires  issues  :) thanks for sharing  ya dara  gino  :):) :) 

  • Na axtan Pint! Fantastic! You have your distinctive way of describing that feeling. Wow Pinr! I really like the way you talked about it. It seems that you have experienced it a lot, Thank you.

  • Love is one kind of relationship among human. Love support our motivation in our everyday life. Love is a core energy for composition of body and soul. These reason makes Love become almost everything for some and become everything for most. For me Love is a home for soul :)

    Here my opinion about this topic. Thanks Dara Gino.

  • Sachj! Matlab, tumarhari  dil bahot piyar hain, Lakshmi. I like that expressing, (it plays an important role in making relationship). Thanks Lak, for your nice comment!

  • Khan, aap nahi pata! Hum log piyar bahut manta. We need love. We cannot live without it. I mean our life will be vague and boring. Love is essential for us. Thanks, for commenting on love!

  • dear dara sir Thanks for sharing

    love; when we are listen about this word firstly one thing make a image of boy friend and girl friend. but love can happen with anyone like father mother sister brother .....etc.
    emotion, feeling and may word come over love. those people do the crime behind love i think they are psychiatric

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