Lost in the dark


We met in the dark
and got lost in the night.
Everything seemed so real,
when you were by my side.

I saw not your face,
but you touched my soul.
Hear the beat of my heart!
It seems out of control.

I danced in your arms,
and you kissed my lips.
I still feel your embrace,
with your hands on my hips.

You did not want to go,
you had no chance to stay.
The morning came soon
and blew you away.

You wanted to see me,
after the end of the day,
But I did not know
how to find the right way.

My eyes, filled with tears,
the night again wants to start.
But how can I find you?
My hope is falling apart.

I am calling for you,
and my heart starts to scream.
But I have to accept,
all had been just a dream.

But always at nights,
when the wind sings its song,
it sounds like your voice,
and the longing grows strong.

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Rose Iris

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  • Thanks a lot for stopping by and reading my poem. Mesut.

  • Perfect.... I really liked it

  • Thanks, elearner, for your nice words. 

  • Thanks so much, Mishaikh, thanks for your comment on my poem and also thanks for the link to your blog. I loved reading your story. You always write as if you have experienced everything. I love your style of writing.
    It evidences a person who has a romantic soul filled with passion and longing.

    You are right, I found passages of your story similar to the base mood of my poem, too.

  • Well expressed dream! :-)

  • https://my.englishclub.com/profiles/blogs/crystal-heart

    This is the link to one of my blogs Rose.  You will find some of the emotions transpired in your above poem, which put me in nostalgia, and went back to my blogs to find it.

    Very touchy.

  • Thanks, ELF-Noor. Yes, I'll keep writing.

  • Hi Ramnord, thanks for your appreciation of my poem. Dreams are always magical, aren't they?

  • Yes, Roman, I think we all have dreams of which we do not want to wake up. But dreams are just dreams.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.  

  • Nicely Written.. :P

    keep Writing Dear..

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