Lost But Hopefull

I miss EC so much and had lost all my connections here since 2016-2017. Please do visit some of my poems at @Lady Harmony. One day I was lost , I woke up like this, feeling sleeping for so long. Am I snow white? Then where are my dwarfs. Just kidding! I cannot get in back to Lady Harmony and end up here as Shizuka. So feeling bad and incomplete. I hope I can get back to the time that pass that I had wasted. The time that I hope everything will get back to normal but I am positive that I might not be the same as before but I think I did my part and I am going forward.It might not be a biggest steps but simple steps that will make better.

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  •        Yes my dear Shizuka, focus on the present  and enjoy each and every moment. This is your really special moment, and you have to rejoice in it. The past is over. God bless you my dear. 

  • Welcome Back, Lady Harmony!

    Nice to meet you, Shizuka!


  • Glad to see you back. I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dino were friends already remember my account here @LadyHarmony

    • With the new ID, we are not. I hope you add me again. Thanks again for your nice reply.

    • Sure hows the wedding that was the only readings i read before my account burst out and i got lost.

  •  I believe we can step forward whenever we'd like to. It's never too late. 

    • Yeah

  • Welcome back.

    • Thanks


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